CSR at Sanyo Chemical

To better tackle our various CSR initiatives, we have set up a CSR Committee and CSR Promotion Department that oversees the formulation and strategic planning of our basic CSR policies. Following each initiative’s implementation, they monitor the results and make necessary improvements as part of a company-wide effort to promote social responsibility.

CSR Committee

Sanyo Chemical’s CSR Committee is chaired by our company president and composed of members from each department and as well as the director of our RC Promotion Headquarters. The committee holds regular meetings twice a year where they discuss and decide basic policies and important matters related to our group’s CSR activities. After initiating a plan of action and measuring the results achieved, they implement improvement-focused directives at a company-wide level.

CSR Promotion Department

Sanyo Chemical’s CSR Promotion Department serves as the permanent office of the CSR Committee. Here, they decide the direction of Sanyo Chemical’s CSR activities and formulate various initiatives to be undertaken. This department also monitors the progress of measures decided by the CSR committee and discloses CSR-related information to further promote CSR awareness throughout the company.