Safety/accident prevention management

Until fiscal 2019, the Environmental and Safety Headquarters managed safety/accident prevention activities, including the handling of worker injuries/equipment accidents and countermeasures against them, 5S activities, equipment inspections, compliance with laws and regulations, and training; examined the policy, plan, and result concerning safety goals in company-wide meetings that were held twice a year; and conducted inspections and corrections with high-priority themes set. From fiscal 2020, the RC Division will undertake those activities.

Environmental Protection Supervisory Department

In association with the reform of the RC management system in April 2020, the three parties of the former Environmental and Safety Countermeasure Administration Department, the members of the former Environmental and Safety Countermeasure Headquarters, and RC group in charge of promotion of environmental activity were integrated to newly form the Environmental and Safety Administration Department. The Environmental and Safety Administration Department is engaged in the development and promotion of our group’s specific measures concerning the environment, safety, and accident prevention and involved in the patrols and audits of the offices.



Occupational safety and health activity

Status of labor accidents

Under the slogan of “thorough implementation and mutual enlightenment,” we are making efforts to achieve zero accidents by conducting equipment safety inspections and to create a safer workplace. While there were no occupational accidents with lost time in fiscal 2019, there were four occupational accidents without lost time. From now on, we will further promote the activity by reviewing the manuals and other documents, as well as the safety education.



Safety Education Center

In 2012, we established the Safety Education Center aiming at improving the safety education and production technology in the Nagoya Factory. The center is equipped with education devices for experiencing the danger of occupational accidents and pilot simulation equipment that reproduces the production device, allowing the study of the principles and theories of devices. Up to now, the education has been given to approx. 2,800 employees of our company and affiliates.


The center has been increasing the education materials year by year so as to enhance the sensitivity of employees and trainees to danger. In fiscal 2019, the center has made the following efforts:

(1) As a plan to prevent the accidents/injuries that have occurred in our company from being forgotten, we created an accident prevention video with animation. The video is utilized in education at the center as well as domestic factories.

(2) We created a stair walk safety experiencing device that allows you to experience a slipping/fall accident on stairs or floors.


Accident case example


Stair walk safety experiencing device




Safety/accident prevention activity

In order to ensure safe business operation and continue our business, we implement countermeasures for both hardware and software and, after having set the response/action plan in case of an emergency, conduct training in accordance with it.


Abnormality handling training and emergency response

In the education/training curriculum implemented in the offices, education concerning environment and safety/accident prevention practical training are incorporated, and we repetitively conduct abnormality handling and other training in case of an earthquake, fire, and leakage accident in accordance with the annual schedule. We also conduct training in cooperation with the local community that includes joint training with neighboring factories of other manufacturers and the local fire department. On the Company-wide Safety Day (October 2) established for the purpose of preventing the past serious occupational accidents from being forgotten, we held various safety-related events in various areas at home and abroad, including emergency training, disaster drill, emergency liaison training, safety patrols, and talks on safety.


Ladder firefighting vehicle at the Nagoya Factory


Joint accident prevention training with local firefighting

teams for the district of our headquarters in Kyoto Factory



Earthquake Countermeasures

Following the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in 1995, we have been continuously implementing the aseismic reinforcement of buildings and production equipment in domestic offices. We have almost finished the aseismic reinforcement of plants, and we are sequentially carrying out countermeasure constructions of auxiliary equipment. Among issues we extracted as points to reflect upon in the Great East Japan Earthquake, we have almost finished implementation of the required hardware countermeasures. We not only conduct training utilizing an earthquake early warning system but also implement BCP training in case of an earthquake and continuously review the response manual and other documents.


Story on safety for the Company-wide Safety Day in Kashima Factory


Operation training by Katsura Laboratory Self-Defense

Firefighting Team at the 41st Saikyo Self-Defense

Firefighting Team Training Competition



Internal audit concerning safety/accident prevention

The Technology/Safety and Sanitation/Environmental Preservation Audit Committee has conducted audits of the production/research and development departments once a year by visiting the offices. In the fiscal 2019, they audited a forklift accident that had occurred the previous year, status of countermeasures against leakage accidents when filling of tank trucks, and the status of instruction/education implementation to affiliates. The audit task that has been conducted by the audit committee will be taken over by the newly established Environmental and Safety Administration Department in fiscal 2020 onwards.