We, Sanyo Chemical Group, are maintaining our Code of Corporate Ethics, believing that it is essential corporate behavior to ensure legal compliance and to fulfill corporate social responsibility, which has been implemented to take the lead in the realization of a sustainable society. With good sense and integrity we are committed to improving our society and are following our company mission, Establish a better society through our corporate activities.


Based on these corporate ethics, we prescribe our principles of corporate behavior as follows:


  • We, Sanyo, shall develop and provide socially beneficial and safe products and services, through innovation, and strive for sustainable economic growth and the resolution of social issues. And provide consumers and customers with appropriate information about products and services, communicate with them in good faith,earn the satisfaction and confidence of our consumers and customers.
  • In our business activity, we shall be devoted to fair competition, appropriate transactions and responsible procurement.
  • We shall proactively take initiatives to conserve the environment and prevent accidents and disasters as crucial requirements for the sustainability and activity of our business.
  • We shall engage in active, effective and fair disclosure of corporate information, not only to shareholders, but also a wide range of stakeholders.
  • We shall protect our intellectual properties and respect those of others, as well as be thorough in our protection and management of personal information and customer information.
  • We shall Conduct business that respects the human rights of all persons.
  • As a “good corporate citizen,” we shall actively engage in community involvement activities and contribute to community development.
  • We shall realize work practices that will improve the capability of employees and that respect their diversity, character, and individuality.Also, we shall provide a safe and healthy working environment.
  • We shall conduct thorough and organized crisis management in the face of actions antisocial forces, terrorism, cyber attacks, natural disasters and other crises that pose a threat to civil society and corporate activity.

All management must undertake the responsibility and take all necessary actions for implementing and promoting this Code of Corporate Ethics within Sanyo Chemical Group. Management must promote the development and imple-mentation of systems that will contribute to the achievement of the Code of Corporate Ethics. Management must also encourage behavior based on the principles of this Charter within the corporation’s supply chain.

In the event of any violation of these principles and loses the trust of society, top management must take responsibility to respond to the situation, including resolving the problem, investigating the causes, and preventing the problem from recurring.

Established: April 1, 2003
2nd version revised: January 1, 2005
3rd version revised: May 26, 2008
4th version revised: April 1, 2011
5th version revised: November 1, 2018


Advice on Compliance

In the Code of Corporate Ethics we have declared that it is essential corporate behavior to ensure legal compliance and to fulfill our corporate social responsibility. We Sanyo Chemical Group are voluntarily adopting this advice in order to promote a sustainable society and are following our company mission, keeping in mind good sense and integrity towards the surrounding society. All company executives and employees are expected to follow this code of corporate ethics:

Therefore, we expect all of us to answer positively to each question below.


  • Can you confirm that your judgment of compliance is not clouded by anything such as profit-making motives or budget short fall?
  • Can you confirm that your decisions have not been founded on over-optimism or wishful thinking and thus containing legal risk?
  • Can you confirm that your decisions comply with the code of corporate ethics and are in no way damaging to Sanyo Chemical Group corporate reputation?
  • Can you confirm that you have not concealed information or have not made judgments that could be considered unfair or selfishly motivated?
  • Can you confirm that you have conducted yourself in a fair and honest manner and have not engaged in illegal or legally risky actions?
  • Can you confirm that you have not been forced to do something that you suspected it was unfair or might have been illegal?Can you confirm that you have not been forced to do something that you suspected it was unfair or might have been illegal?
  • Can you declare openly that your actions have always been legal, just and fair?

If you are having difficulty in your decision making, please do not hesitate to discuss duly with your superiors or people concerned. If you feel necessary, you can also consult the compliance hotlines listed below:

Hot Line

○Internal Hot Line: General Manager of Audit Division (Secretary of Compliance committee)
○External Hot Line: The contact information is withheld.

Established: April 1, 2003
The 2nd edition revised: January 1, 2005