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Management System

Organization with a Shared Vision and Willingness to Take on Challenges

Sanyo Chemical is adapting to the dynamic business environment by introducing individual-based management, a concept developed by and unique to Sanyo Chemical. Our individual-based management is intended to encourage employees to take up challenges by utilizing the company's programs and tools, so that every single individual can grow with the company, and ensure their job satisfaction and well-being. It is said that people make the company. In the future, individuals' capabilities, their willingness to take on challenges, and high ethical standards will become increasingly important.
The motto is: Take initiative, with passion. Through the pursuit of this common vision by all its group companies, Sanyo Chemical is endeavoring to become a truly unique and excellent corporate group that operates on a global scale.

Work Style Reforms

In order to improve individual productivity and promote active participation of diverse human resources, we review work styles to accommodate diversification as well as promote the efficiency of business under a slogan of "No Overtime". We have adopted the flextime system set without core time and system of paid leave by the hour, and eliminated wastefulness, impracticalities and inconsistencies. As the result, Sanyo Chemical was approved as the best practice company that actively promotes work style reforms by Kyoto Labor Bureau for the first time in Kyoto in November 2016.

The Work Style Reforms Project directly under the President has begun since 2018. Its members except the group leaders are adapted by public offering and recommendation. Our employees take part in it more actively so as to further accelerate the work style reforms and business process re-engineering. In this project, 3 working group function as follows.

● Flexible and diverse work style working group
Substantiation and implementation of the in-company system to realize flexible and diverse work style
● Business process re-engineering working group
Speed-up of mindset and corporation climate reforms toward business process re-engineering
● IT& AI working group
Substantiation and implementation of IT related tools introduction to promote work efficiency from company-wide perspective

Promotion of Greater Participation by Women in Corporate Activities

Promotion of diversity & inclusion has been required for sustainable company development. Especially, it attracts the social attention to promote greater participation by women in corporate activities. We recognize its need in order to incorporate various values into our corporate activities. So we assigned the persons in charge and established the consultation desk in the personnel department. With the aim of reforming the mindset in our company, we give training for managers and women employees based on the results of internal questionnaire.
Since May, 2018, the enterprise "Sanyo Skin Coffret" Project led by a woman leader has begun directly under the President in order to strengthen business for cosmetics industry. Half of the members of the project were women to value the viewpoint of women, buyers of the cosmetics.

Sanyo Chemical highly cleared the standards for measures to support raising next-generation children certified by Kyoto Labor Bureau and got this certification mark in 2017.

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