Based on the recognition that Sanyo Chemical Group's CSR activities fully meet the societal wishes and expectations and contribute to the creation of a sustainable society by putting our Company Motto into practice, we are tackling CSR activities.

In line with our Company Motto and Code of Corporate Ethics, we have established CSR Guideline and Action Guidelines for Employees. CSR Guideline consists of eleven commitments as an action guideline which should be tackled systematically as a corporate group. Action Guideline for Employees is an action guideline for each employee's behavior at daily operation.

CSR Guidelines

To ensure an integrated Group-wide CSR approach, we have established CSR guideline that consists of 11 commitments which should be tackled, including compliance, corporate governance, the environment, safety, human rights and employment.

Guideline 1

Basic stance

We shall contribute to achieving a sustainable society by meeting societal needs and expectations and by putting our Company Motto of Let us contribute to building a better society through our corporate activities into practice. We shall also strengthen our corporate governance system in pursuit of management efficiency, fairness and transparency.

Guideline 2

Thoroughness of compliance

All executive officers and employees of Sanyo Chemical Group shall share the common recognition of no company can be an excellent company without rigorous legal and ethical compliance. Complying with Code of Corporate Ethics, Action Guidelines for Employees and Advice on Compliance, we shall work in the every situation of the operation with good sense and integrity.

Guideline 3

Thoroughness of safety ensuring and accident prevention

We shall tackle safety ensuring and accident prevention as a top priority matter in all operations. We contribute societal safety with constantly promoting trouble-free and accident-free operations as well as shall endeavor to improve working environment and to ensure the safety and health of employees.

Guideline 4

Promotion of product development that contributes to society

We shall fulfill the customers' expectation and earn their trust by providing useful products to society as well as contribute to soundly societal development. We contribute to improvement of global environment conservation and construction of sustainable society by reduction effect of environmental impacts through developing our environmentally-friendly technologies and products.

Guideline 5

Improvement of product liability and quality control

We shall take product safety measures giving the highest priority to safety in whole lifecycle through development, production, use and disposal and strictly execute quality control of the products. In addition, we shall provide appropriate product information, and respond to complaints and claims with sincerity.

Guideline 6

Strengthening of environmental protection measures

We shall voluntarily and steadily tackle global environment issues such as prevention of global warming and conservation of biodiversity. We strive to reduce strongly environmental impacts by reduction of greenhouse gas emission, energy conservation, resource saving and other measures through our operations in consideration of 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).

Guideline 7

Promotion of risk management, and strengthening of internal control systems

We shall promote enhancing internal control system in response to the risks against achieving corporate strategy and business purposes, etc. We shall establish risk management systems for prompt response and accurate information disclosure in case of emergencies. Then we shall inform the systems to all employees and train them.

Guideline 8

Promotion of dialogue with stakeholders

We shall positively and fairly disclose corporate information to customers, shareholders, investors, employees, business partners, local community, the government and mass media, etc. And we promote the communication with them and endeavor to improve corporate transparency.

Guideline 9

Securing and training human resources, and promoting respect of human rights

We shall respect the diversity, individuality and personality of our employees, and ensure a safe and comfortable working environment. And we shall encourage employees to achieve self-realization through their operations by exerting self-initiative and creativity. In addition, we shall eliminate forced labor and child labor.

Guideline 10

Promotion of green procurement

We shall trade fairly with suppliers and promote green procurement. And we shall endeavor to implement CSR activities such as compliance and respect of human rights in cooperation with suppliers.

Guideline 11

Promotion of social contribution activities

As a good corporate citizen, we shall provide support and cooperation for local community, NPO and NGO. In addition, we shall continuously assist to promote science technology, art, culture, education and welfare, etc.

CSR Organization

We have organized CSR Committee and CSR Promotion Department in order to improve CSR issues by PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) cycle.


■CSR Committee

The CSR Committee, a council of the president as a chairperson and directors of each section and director of RC headquarters as members, meeting twice a year or at any time in necessary, deliberates and decides on basic policy and major issues concerning the Group's CSR activities and suggests improvements from a Group wide point of view.

■CSR Promoting Dept.

The CSR Promotion Department which serves as a bureau for CSR Committee, establishes general CSR policy directions and raises issues that need to be addressed. At the same time, it monitors progress in implementation of decisions reached by the CSR Committee, and is also involved in CSR disclosure and awareness-raising.

In October 2013, CSR Promotion Department merged RC group, which was a supervisory department for environment occupying the large part of CSR. RC Group continues as a section of CSR Promotion Department. By this reorganization, distributed duties came to be assigned as each full-time work and the operational efficiency more increased.

The CSR Promotion Department also serves as a bureau for Responsible Care Headquarters. RC group continues to act as a bureau for working group, such as Greenhouse Gas Emission working group, under jurisdiction of RC Headquarters.


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