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RC Policy & Management

Responsible Care

Since joining the Japan Responsible Care Council in 1996 (currently known as the Responsible Care Committee of Japan Chemical Industry Association), we have been actively engaged in environmental protection and safety ensuring as our primary issues.

Responsible care is an activity where businesses dealing with chemical substances take the initiative in protecting the environment and ensuring safety through the entire lifecycle of their chemical products, from development through production, distribution, application and final consumption to final disposal. This means that we engage in environmental protection, securing safety, accident prevention, promotion of occupational safety and health, and ensuring product safety, and that we promote the communication by publishing the results.


Management Policy Concerning Responsible Care

Sanyo Chemical conducts its business operations based on its Management Philosophy, which is underpinned by our company motto, Let us contribute to building a better society through our corporate activities. We voluntarily and actively tackle issues relating to pollution prevention, accident prevention, employee safety and hygiene, product safety and the global environment such as global warming and biodiversity, and we practice RC activities in the process.

  • One of management's priorities is to maintain harmony with the global environment by constantly promoting trouble-free and accident-free operations.
  • We maintain strict compliance in all areas of our operations as well as comply with the policies of administrative authorities and international regulations.
  • We consistently work to improve the environment and safety throughout the entire product life cycle from product development to production, distribution, use, final consumption and disposal.
  • To reduce environmental impact, we strive for product development and production that would be conducive to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions as well as energy and resource conservation, while also promoting recycling and the reduction of waste and chemical substance emissions.
  • In addition to providing safe products that achieve customer satisfaction, we always search out the latest information regarding product safety and supply it to our customers.
  • We strive to enhance understanding and awareness of biodiversity, and to promote efforts with consideration to biodiversity.
  • We constantly work to deepen communication with relevant administrative authorities and regional communities concerning our environmental conservation activities.

Action Policy Concerning the Kyoto Protocol

Sanyo Chemical will voluntarily and actively tackle the following issues as a company based in Kyoto, where the Kyoto Protocol is hosted to discuss important, international global warming matters.

  • We will design chemical products to minimize greenhouse gas emissions through their lifecycle.
  • We will introduce new technology, promote energy conservation in production and logistics, and save fossil fuels.
  • We will lead and support employees to practice energy and resource conservation in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, both in the company and family life.
  • We will reduce greenhouse gas emissions not only by conserving energy in our offices, laboratories and factories, but also by making use of greenhouse gas emissions trade in domestic and overseas markets.

Action Policy Concerning Biodiversity

Based on recognition that our business activities impact the biodiversity, we, Sanyo Chemical Group, strive to enhance understanding and awareness of biodiversity conservation, and to promote efforts with consideration to biodiversity.

  • We endeavor to develop and supply environmentally friendly products, contributing to conservation of biodiversity.
  • We prioritize biodiversity conservation in procuring raw materials and office supplies.
  • We strive to reduce negative influence on biodiversity by reduction of environmental burden in offices and factories through such actions as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, conserving water resources, and responsibly disposing chemical substances and waste.
  • We enhance understanding and awareness of biodiversity among all of our employees, and strive to make them more conscious of the importance of conserving biodiversity.
  • We cooperate with local communities in biodiversity-related activities.

Responsible Care Management System

In order to promote company-wide Responsible Care (RC) activities, we organize Responsible Care Headquarters in cooperation with Japanese and overseas subsidiaries. We hold a meeting twice a year and discuss RC results, plans and policies. We are also taking actions concerning prior RC matters of the following specific working groups.

Organization Structure of Our Responsible Care Management System

Explanation of words

Greenhouse Gas Emissions WG
Composed of representatives from factories, head office, research laboratories, branch offices and the Responsible Care Group, this working group is dedicated to finding solutions for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
Volatile Organic Compounds WG
Composed of representatives from each Factory Improvement Depts., the Environment and Safety Management Dept., and the Responsible Care Group, this working group is dedicated to finding solutions for the reduction of emissions of chemical substances.
CSR Procurement WG
Composed of representatives of the Purchasing Division and the Responsible Care Group, this working group is dedicated to finding ways of green procurement and CSR procurement.
Resource Saving WG
Composed of representatives of each division related to factory improvement as well as the Responsible Care Group, this working group is dedicated to save on resources and reduce waste.
This working group is comprised of the Responsible Care Group and the Products Evaluation Dept. and promotes Japan Chemical Industry Association-led JIPS activities (gathering information about chemical substance safety, risk assessment, and public relations).
Water Resouce Protection WG
Composed of representatives from factories, research laboratories, and the Responsible Care Group, this working group is dedicated to reduction of water use.


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