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Research & Development

Each Positive Outcome is the Start of a New Challenge
Promptly meeting diverse customer needs with NeeSeeds-oriented R&D

New Product Development: The Force that Drives Growth

Sanyo Chemical has achieved growth through the constant development of new products.
The NeeSeeds-Oriented approach is one special feature of Sanyo Chemical's research and development (R&D). The term is a combination of needs-oriented R&D and seeds-oriented R&D, and is original to Sanyo Chemical. With this approach, a technique developed to meet a certain need is combined with another technique to create another new seed technology for new products. The NeeSeeds-Oriented approach broadens the range of in-house technologies, which has lead to as many as 3,000 different types of products. Each positive outcome is the start of a new challenge.
In the future, we will continue to respond to global needs through an R&D strategy that focuses on both customers' needs and the generation of new seeds for research.

Sanyo Chemical's NeeSeeds-Oriented R&D

We utilize our NeeSeeds-Oriented R&D process to extend the lifecycle of established products, devise innovative production processes, and extend the applications of our new technologies into related fields.
In addition, we are focusing on the development of the new businesses in the fields such as energy and electronics businesses and biotechnology and medical businesses.


Aggressive R&D Investment and R&D System that Promotes Innovation

We are aggressively investing in R&D, and are simultaneously creating an innovative R&D system that will enable a swift response to diversifying customer needs and will strengthen capabilities for generating proprietary technologies. We are also working on the systematic development of a series of innovative new products. Nearly 30% of our employees are involved in research and development activities, and every year we invest an amount equivalent to approximately 5% of annual sales in R&D. Our systems such as the Research Unit (RU) System and the Personal Challenge for Research System allow researchers to play an active role. In addition, we implement Sanyo Chemical Stage Gate Process to launch new products to the markets effectively and quickly.

Research Unit (RU) System
The Research Unit System produces a flat organizational structure, enabling quick response and allowing not only senior researchers but also young researchers to serve as unit leaders.

Personal Challenge for Research
This program encourages young researchers to take bold initiatives. It is to provide opportunities for them to devote themselves to research that could lead to large new product development projects. The researchers participating in this program--challengers--will perform research and development by applying technologies whose fundamental principles have already been verified. If a challenger's research proves successful, the challenger will become the leader of the product development team. This program also provides young researchers with a great opportunity for self-realization. Every year, young researchers participate in this program.

Research/Production System

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