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Financial Highlights

Information and Electrics/Electronics


In Information, we market polyester beads (PEBs) used as a core component of polymerization toners, along with pulverized toner resins for copiers and printers.

In Electrics/Electronics, we market electrolytes for aluminum electrolytic capacitors used for home appliances, personal computers and electrical components for automobiles, pressure-sensitive adhesives using for electronic components, as well as agents for use in hard disk manufacturing processes.

FY2016 business performance

Sales in the Information segment were weak. This was mainly because of sales decrease of toner resins for pulverized toners in Europe and the United States and appropriate sales price revision to respond to a fall in raw materials costs, despite increases of steady demand for polyester beads as a core component of polymerization toners.

Sales in the Electrics/Electronics segment increased briskly. This was because demand for pressure-sensitive adhesives using for electronic components increased substantially.

As a result, total net sales in this segment decreased by 1.7% from the previous fiscal year, to \19,368 million. Operating income was \2,774 million (a 59.4% increase) due to improvement of product mix.

From FY2015, in order to evaluate segment performances more appropriately, cost allocation rules were changed.? The figures of operating income from FY2014 are based on the changed rules.

Sanyo Chemical and its Japanese consolidated subsidiaries, which had mostly been using the declining balance method for depreciation of property, plant and equipment (using the straight-line method for the buildings acquired after April 1, 1998, except building facilities) adopted the straight-line method from this consolidated fiscal year.


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