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Interview - Efforts to increase corporate value

Strength of Sanyo Chemical

Could you tell us about the strength of Sanyo Chemical?

The entire company is working on CSR as a matter of the utmost importance in the business management of the Sanyo Chemical Group.

With the aim of improving corporate value by promotion of CSR management, we will more deeply entrench and globally expand our own management system of "individual-based management." At the same time, we will focus on strengthening corporate governance and increasing the power of our corporate brand. We will continue community contribution activities: to visit nearby elementary schools and junior high schools to perform chemistry experiments with students and give lectures of our researchers, positive participation in accident prevention measures with local society and involvement in the activities that Kyoto Model Forest Association works to protect and nurture the forests of Kyoto Prefecture.

What are the performance chemicals that are the core of the business of Sanyo Chemical?

We would like to encourage using "Time" generated by raising work efficiency for every one of employees' growth.

In order to improve individual productivity and promote active participation of diverse human resources, we review work styles to accommodate diversification as well as promote the efficiency of business by innovating its operation under a slogan of "No Overtime".

In concrete terms, we progress to eliminate wastefulness, impracticalities and inconsistencies and to improve efficiency of each business in our company-wide organizational reforming. We have adopted the flextime system that employees can independently set working hours and system of paid leave by the hour that employees can take paid leave in hourly units, and we work effectively. I give a message to every employee to use the limited "time" through these activities to think essence over and over in work time. And outside the company, I ask them to get precious experiences that can't be gained within the company and grow themselves. As the result, Sanyo Chemical was approved as the best practice company that actively promotes work style reforms by Kyoto Labor Bureau for the first time in Kyoto in November 2016.

Moreover, we make efforts to provide the workplace where diverse human resources can work diversely not only by supporting employees to balance work with pregnancy, childbirth, childcare and caregiving but also by conducting the job-class specific trainings about diversity. This action also leads to promoting women's active participation. I myself express my opinion to support for "Declaration on Action" by a group of male leaders who will create "A Society in which Women Shine", which Cabinet Office assists, in order to implement the measures to promote greater participation by women in corporate activities.

I believe that a collaborative improvement among diverse human resources who are grown in this way would realize "A truly unique and excellent corporate group that operates on a global scale". The results of reform will not emerge immediately, we will make constant efforts.


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