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You can find Sanyo Chemical Industries here as well|Performance Chemicals are chemicals that fulfill the functions needed by the customer. Our products provide assistance in various areas of your daily lives.

You can find Sanyo Chemical Industries here as well ァ

for disposable diapersfor pet sheets

Superabsorbent Polymers「SANWET」「SANFRESH」「AQUAPEARL」

SANWET , SANFRESH and AQUAPEARL are superabsorbent polymers which absorb hundreds to 1000 times as much water as their own weight to foam gel, retaining water even under certain pressure on gel. These products are used for sanitary material including disposable diaper and napkin; moreover they are used in other fields such as agriculture/horticulture, food/food transportation, construction/civil engineering, cosmetics/groceries, toiletries, pet supplies, electrics/electronics and coating/adhesive.
Superabsorbent polymers for sanitary material including disposable diaper are dealt in by SDP Global, a consolidated subsidiary of Sanyo Chemical.

for seat belts and vehicle airbags

Lubricating agent for Fiber production such as seat belts and vehicle airbags「SANOIL」

SANOIL is used as lubricating agent in spinning process of a wide variety of industrial textiles.? It prevents those for seat belts and vehicle airbags from yarn imperfections.

for auto bumpers

Polyolefin flexibilizer「UMEX」

UMEX is polyolefin flexibilizer to be added to polyolefin resins used for a variety of supplies including auto bumper.? It improves dispersibility of pigment and filler to resin applied as well as adherence with other materials.

For viscosity index improver for lubricating oils for automobile

Viscosity index improver for lubricating oils「ACLUBE」

ACLUBE, viscosity index improver is used as an additive for lubricating oil and reduces the change in viscosity with variation of temperature.? It contributes greatly to improvement of fuel efficiency of automobile as lubricating oils for automatic transmission fluids (ATFs), continuously variable transmission fluids (CVTFs), and engine oils.

For a skin material in automobile interiors

Polyurethane beads for powder slush molding「THERPUS」

THERPUS is polyurethane beads that have narrow particle size distribution.? It is used as a skin material in automobile interiors including instrument panels, providing high-quality design.

自転車にも 航空機にも

Sizing agent for carbon fibers 「CHEMITYLEN FS」

CHEMITYLEN FS is sizing agent to bind 3,000-24,000 fine carbon fibers and form the tape for the ease of handling and molding.? Carbon fiber is used mainly as aircraft components, automotive components, and sports gear.

for wind turbine propellers

Binder for glass chopped strand mat「CHEMITYLEN PEB」

CHEMITYLEN PEB is used as a binder for a glass chopped strand mat, which is a reinforcement of glass fiber reinforced plastics (GFRP) for various applications such as ships, tanks, automobile parts and sporting goods.? Due to its high affinity for the molding resins, the resulting glass fiber mat has flexibility and is easy to mold.

for copier toners

Intermediates for polymerization toners「APEXNARROW」
Toner resins「HIMER」

APEXNARROW is chemically prepared fine-particle core components of polymerization toners and enables to develop high resolution image required in tandem with the conversion of copiers and printers to digital and color formats.? HIMER is a toner resin which is mechanically pulverized and we supply products according to the applications.

For agents used in manufacturing process of  hard disk mainly for personal computer

Cleaning agent for electronic parts「CHEMICLEAN PR」

CHEMICLEAN PR is a cleaning agent for electronic parts used in manufacturing process of hard disk.? It demonstrates excellent performance in removing small foreign substances generated through polishing because of its high penetrating, peeling, dispersing and cleaning properties.? It contributes to production of reliable electronic parts.

for cometics

Material for toiletries and cosmetics「PEG」

PEG is wetting agent and moisturizing agent widely used for skin care cosmetics including cream types and lotion types as well as hair care cosmetics.

For preventing static build up

Permanent antistatic agents「PELESTAT」 「PELECTRON」

Static electricity attracts dust, making the surface of plastics dirty, and causes electronic devices to malfunction.? PELESTAT and PELECTRON are polymer-type antistatic agents that do not affect neither other physical properties nor the moldability of plastics, and its antistatic effect is long-lasting.

for sofasfor automobile seat cushions

Raw materials for polyurethane foam「SANNIX」「ULTIFLOW」

SANNIX and ULTIFLOW are raw materials for producing polyurethane foams used for automobile seat cushions and cushioning material for furniture including sofa.? In automobile application, it improves the comfort and safety of cars.

for hair care products

Polyurethane emulsion for hair styling products「HAIRROL」
Shampoo base materials with low irritancy「BEAULIGHT」
Hair conditioner base materials/hair treatment base materials「ECONOL」

HAIRROL foams film well-spreading on hair and keeps hair style even in hot and humid conditions.? BEAULIGHT is shampoo base material that has low irritancy.? ECONOL is hair conditioner base materials.? We offer a wide range of hair care products to meet diverse needs.

for industrial wastewater treatment

Polymer flocculants「SANFLOC」

SANFLOC is a polymer flocculant used for dewatering of municipal wastewater sludge and for accelerating industrial wastewater sedimentation

for food packaging

Dry laminate adhesive for food packaging「UNOFLEX」

UNOFLEX is used for food packaging film for dried foods such as rice crackers, snacks, frozen foods and boiled foods.

for medical care

Extracorporeal diagnostic agents「SphereLight」

SphereLight is an enzyme immunoassay (EIA) diagnostic reagent which aids the diagnosis of diseases such as cancers, cardiac diseases, infectious diseases, diabetes, allergies and infertility.? This chemiluminescent diagnostic reagent allows simple and rapid analysis by way of an automatic analyzer.

for base material for pharmaceuticals

Japanese Pharmacopoeial base material for pharmaceuticals「LAUROMACROGOL」
Medical and sanitary disinfectants「GEM」「LEBON」

LAUROMACROGOL is base material for pharmaceuticals made from plant derived lauryl alcohol.? We also produce GEM and LEBON (benzalkonium chloride solution) with strong germicidal and antibacterial action.

for hygiene management

Antibacterial agents「CATION」 「LEBON」

CATION and LEBON are used for antibacterial agent and cleaning agent in food production and exhibit strong antibacterial power even when used at low concentration.

for coating agents for medicine

Enteric-soluble coating agents「POLYQUID」

POLYQUID is water dispersion type enteric-soluble coating agent.? It is also used as masking agent from bitterness and matrix adhesion.

for electric equipment in television and other items

Electrolytes for aluminum electrolytic capacitors?「SANELEK」

SANELEK has led to the miniaturization and increased life cycle of capacitors due to its high electric conductivity and excellent durability.? It is also used for electric equipment in televisions, automobiles and other items because of its high heat resistance.

for liquid detergent

Surfactants for liquid laundry detergent「IONET」 「EMULMIN」

IONET and EMULMIN exert high detergency even when used in small additive amount and have excellent foam breaking and rinsing performance.? They are used for liquid laundry detergent switching from powdered laundry detergent.

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