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CSR Procurement

We included CSR procurement in a procurement policy to promote CSR activity. We also elaborated Supply Chain CSR Procurement Guidelines, which improve CSR activities with suppliers through whole supply chain.

We shall move into action with Green Procurement Standard and Supply Chain CSR Procurement Guidelines as a two wheels.


Supply Chain CSR Procurement Guidelines (established in 2010)

  • We shall establish and consolidate internal systems to promote CSR.
  • We shall ensure compliance to laws, regulations and corporate ethics.
  • We shall practice the operation to ensure safety and environmental preservation.
  • We shall improve the product safety and reduce the environmental impacts of products by chemical substance management and green procurement.
  • We shall promote risk management such as adequate response and accurate information disclosure in case of emergencies.
  • We shall communicate with the stakeholders such as customers, shareholders and employees as well as improve corporate transparency.
  • We shall respect human rights, do away with discrimination, improve workplace environments, and eliminate forced labor and child labor.
  • We shall strive to prevent leakage of confidential information and protect our own and other's intellectual property.

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