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Green Procurement

In order to supply environmentally-friendly products to society, Sanyo Chemical established its own green procurement standard and started to procure raw materials and resources with low environmental impact. This standard is applied to materials which we procure, e.g. raw materials, containers, packaging materials and resale products.
We judge on not only quality, pricing and supply stability but also the environment when new procurement materials are selected.

Green Procurement Policy

We procure materials adapted to our Chemical Substances Management Standard? from suppliers who are tackling to environmental conservation activities.


Ⅰ. Concerning your corporate operations
Operating under the established environmental management systems.
Ⅱ. Concerning your products (materials) provided to us
1. Concentration investigation report of our prohibited substances and limited use substances in procurement materials.
2. Concentration investigation report of specific heavy metals.
3. Non-content certification of regulated chemical substances of the RoHS and ELV Directive in procurement materials.


  • The information of the investigation reports based on the requirements above, is evaluated in our company. Then we will procure materials which are satisfied with both environmental conservation activities and environmental impact of the procurement materials in principle.
  • Based on the evaluation results, improvement is occasionally requested in order to reduce environmental impact.

Procurement Information

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