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The automobile industry is expected major changes. Sanyo Chemical helps promote safe and comfortable driving by providing base materials for automobile interiors, additives for lubricating oils and fuel oils, base materials for break fluids, and polymers for paints.

Raw Materials for Polyurethane Foam

SANNIX, PRIMEPOL and SHARPFLOW are raw materials for producing polyurethane foams used in for automobile seat cushions and various interior parts. It increases the comfort and safety of cars while reducing the overall weight. It is also used as a cushioning material for furniture.

Polyurethane Beads for Powder Slush Molding

THERPUS is a polyurethane resin with a?particle form. It is held in high regard in the industry due to its application as a skin material in automobile interiors used in place of PVC powder. Sanyo Chemical is developing this resin for use in paints, adhesives, sealants and cosmetics.

Lubricating Oil Additives

ACLUBE includes viscosity index improvers and pour point depressants. The former reduces the change in viscosity caused by temperature change. The latter ensures oil runs smoothly even below freezing.

Fuel Oil Additives

CARRYOL is a polymer-type cold flow improver used as an additive in fuel oils such as gas oils and heating oils. SANFRIC is a lubricity improver used as an additive in gas oils, preventing metal wear in fuel injection pumps while complying with regulations on low- sulfur content levels in diesel fuels.

Base Materials for Synthetic Lubricants

NEWPOL LB and NEWPOL 50HB are base materials for grease, hydraulic fluid, etc. The change in viscosity caused by change in temperature is minimal, and they do not produce sludge.

Water-soluble Cutting Fluid

HIGHCLEAN is a nonflammable watersoluble cutting fluid having high performance and storage durability. It helps to increase the life of cutting tools while improving precision and leading to reduced costs. We offer a wide selection of cutting fluid for light to heavy as well as various surfactants, anti-rust agents and base materials for synthetic lubricants used for cutting fluid.

Halogen-Free Cleaning Agents

CHEMICLEAN has high detergency for metal working oils including cutting oils. CHEMICLEAN is also suitable for spray cleaning due to its low foaming property.

Paste Resin for Design Model

SANMODUR FE2 is an epoxy paste resin suitable for lightweight exterior models of automobiles having cross sections with fine structures.

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