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Our performance chemicals include resin modifiers, pigment dispersants, antistatic agents, and moldability improvers. They enhance the added value of plastic products and increase product productivity.

Permanent Antistatic Agents

Static electricity attracts dust, making the surface of plastics dirty, and causes electronic devices to malfunction. PELESTAT and PELECTRON are polymertype antistatic agents that do not affect neither other physical properties nor the moldability of plastics, and its antistatic effect is long-lasting.

Pigment Dispersants

SANWAX is a low-molecular-weight polyethylene. Masterbatch obtained from SANWAX and pigment enables the even coloring of plastics. We also offer VISCOL, low-molecular-weight polypropylene, as a mold releasing agent and a moldability improver.

Resin Modifiers

UMEX is an acid modified polyolefin. Polyolefin blended with it excels in compatibility with fillers such as glass fibers, carbon fibers and wood flour in resins. Moreover, it works well for improving strength of fiber-reinforced plastics (FRP) and wood plastics.

UV/EB Curing Resins

FINECURE and SANRAD are resins that are cured instantly when exposed to ultraviolet rays or electron beams. Being environment-friendly coating resins that do not contain solvents, they are used for such applications as the hard-coating of cellular phones, liquid crystal displays (LCDs), decorative plywood, and flooring materials.

Base Materials for Polyurethane Elastomer

SANPRENE P is a base material for polyurethane elastomers that are tough, abrasion-resistant materials with elasticity rivaling that of rubber. Uses include cleaning blades and belts for copiers, rollers for the steel and paper-making industry, motor belts, packing and gears, and everyday products such as wheels for skateboards and roller blades.

Paint Resins, Defoaming Agents, Rheology Modifiers

UCOAT, which has high weather resistance and impact resistance, is a polyurethane emulsion for various environment-friendly waterborne paints including automobile waterborne paints. COATRON, a paint resin developed for plastics has excellent adhesive features. Other examples include SANPRENE C, a clear lacquer used on the floors of gymnasiums and bowling alleys, and SANPEX, a base material for acrylic powder coating.
SAN NOPCO LIMITED offers SN-DEFOAMER product swhich are defoaming agents for paints, SN-THICKENER products which are rheology modifiers.

Chemical Boards for Models

SANMODUR is a chemical board (tooling material) used for industrial models for various industrial applications such as household appliances and automobile parts. This high quality and tough material results in models with sharper edges and smoother cut surfaces.

Emulsifiers for Emulsion Polymerization

ELEMINOL is an emulsifier used in emulsion polymerization of synthetic rubber, and latex and emulsion for aqueous paints and adhesives, etc. A copolymerizable emulsifier that reacts with the monomer and become a part of the resin component is also available (ELEMINOL JS-20, ELEMINOL RS-3000).

Epoxy Resin Curing Agents

Epoxy resin is widely used as an engineering resin, adhesive and paint. Sanyo Chemical offers many kinds of epoxy resin curing agents for various purposes and uses under the brandnames POLYMIDE, REACT, DSA and PDSA-DA.

Polyurethane Catalysts, Epoxy Resin Curing Accelerators

DBU and DBN are super base compounds developed by SAN- APRO LIMITED utilizing original techology.They are also used as urethane catalysts and epoxy resin curing accele rators, mainly in the form of salts with various acids. SAN- APRO also offers U-CAT products, U-CAT SA products, and POLYCAT products as polyurethane catalysts and epoxy resin curing accelerators.

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