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Sanyo Chemical's textile surfactants, polyurethane, and other products are used in spinning processes as well as textile and nonwoven fabric processing operations. Our products help customers streamline their manufacturing operations, conserve energy, enhance the quality of textile products, and add functionalities.

Agents for Synthetic Fiber Production

Sanyo Chemical's SANOIL spinning finish is used in the production of nylon, polyester, acrylic fibers, and other filaments. We are helping innovation in the synthetic fiber industry by supplying agents for the production of extra-strength industrial fiber materials used in the manufacture of vehicle airbags, seat belts and tire cords.

Agents for Fiberglass

Fiberglass reinforced plastics are found in various aspects of everyday life. CHEMITYLEN and ACROBINDER lubricating agents, sizing agents and binders for fiberglass mats are used to aid the processing of glass into fiber form. MELPOL helps produce glass cloth that is less-fluffy.

Chemicals for Carbon Fibers

Light-weight and tenacious carbon fibers are widely used in applications that are closely related to our daily life, ranging widely from aircraft components, wind turbine propellers, automotive components and sports gear, to pressure vessels. CHEMITYLEN, Sanyo Chemical's binder, is employed in the carbon fiber manufacturing processes.

Polyurethane for Artificial/Synthetic Leather Production

SANPRENE LQ, and SANPRENE H, Sanyo Chemical's polyurethane, are used in the production of artificial/synthetic leather, which is a light-weight material widely used for sportswears, bags, shoes, and furniture because of its superb texture, excellent waterproof performance and moisture permeability, as well as its ease of maintenance.

Agents for Non-Woven Fabrics

SAFANOL is used as an agent imparting water permeability to non-woven fabrics for disposable diaper, wet wipes etc.

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