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Technology in the IT field is constantly progressing. Sanyo Chemical supports the development of this field through the technology of its core products such as high-molecular agents and surfactants.

Intermediates for Polymerization Toners / Toner Resins

The demand for polymerization toners, which ensure high print quality, has increased in tandem with the conversion of copiers and printers to digital and color formats. As a result, fine-particle polymerization toners created through chemical processing are now attracting considerable attention. APEXNARROW, which features fine polyester beads with a narrow particle size distribution, is used as a core component of polymerization toners that enables printing at even higher resolutions.
HIMER is a toner resin for conventional pulverized toners, which is prepared through mechanical grinding. To meet customers' diverse needs, we supply two types of products, styrene-acrylic type and polyester type toner resins.

Electrolytes for Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

SANELEK is an electrolyte for aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Due to its high electric conductivity and excellent durability, it has led to the miniaturization and increased life cycle of capacitors. Due to its strong heat resistance, it is also used for electric equipment in automobiles.

Electrolytes for Electric Double-Layer Capacitors

As electric double-layer capacitors can charge rapidly and discharge with large amounts of electricity, they are regarded as a potential new electrical storage device. POWERELEK is an electrolyte for electric double-layer capacitors such as those being used in the electric brakes of vehicles and in computers as emergency memory backup devices. POWERELEK is also expected to be developed for the application to auxiliary power supply for hybrid vehicles.

Cleaning Agent in the Hard Disk Manufacturing process

CHEMICLEAN PR, a cleaning agent for hard disks, was developed for manufacturing high-capacity hard disks. CHEMICLEAN PR demonstrates excellent performance in cleaning and removing small foreign matter that is generated by polishing, etc., in the hard disk manufacturing process.

Processing Agents for Semiconductors

The manufacturing of semiconductor devices such as CPU and memory devices needs numerous processing agents. CHEMICLEAN TS exerts excellent effects to photoresist stripping and CHEMIREAME forms optimal wirings by selectively etching specific metals. In addition, we offer a wide selection of additive agents used for processing agents for semiconductors.

Photo-Acid Generators

Photo-acid generators are materials having abilities to produce acids by irradiation. They are applicable to various photoresist materials used for semiconductors and liquid crystal displays, and cationic polymerization type photo-curable resins such as epoxy resins.
CPI, photo-acid generator, has been newly developed by our subsidiary, San-Apro Ltd., and various development products are available in accordance with application usage.

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