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Environmental Protection, Construction & Others

Sanyo Chemical is constantly endeavoring to develop environment-friendly products such as solvent-free and water-based products as well as products that contribute to the conservation of the environment.

Polymer Flocculants for Industrial Wastewater Treatment

SANFLOC is a polymer flocculant used for dewatering of municipal wastewater sludge and for accelerating industrial wastewater sedimentation.

Polyurethane for Heat-Insulating Materials

Rigid polyurethane foam is one of the best heat-insulating materials. SANNIX and NONFLAPOL are a base materials for this foam and is used in a number of applications such as housing, refrigerators, refrigerated vehicles and freezers..

Slurry Agents

Slurry agents are used as stabilizing liquid for reinforcement walls such as continuous underground walls and cast-in-place piles during ground excavation procedures. Super Slurry is a stabilizing liquid with low viscosity and superior resistance to deterioration even when earth, sand and extraneous cement become mixed into the cement of the reinforcement walls.

Coat-Type Permeable Waterproof Material for Concrete

Water leakage is a great enemy to roof terraces and pools. DOUBLE COAT S, our coat-type permeable waterproof material, cures when applied on a concrete surface, forming a highly alkali-resistant waterproof layer strongly bonded to the concrete surface.

Dispersant for Cement

LEVEFLOW excels in imparting fluidity in cement product manufacturing process and is used for various cement products such as fiber cement sidings.

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