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Tooling Materials with Antistatic Properties : SANMODUR TW-E and SANMODUR SL

  • Possess antistatic properties without changing other important properties such as cutting processability, texture of cutting surfaces and mechanical strength.
  • Improve working conditions because the dust of these products minimally adheres to NC machines and operators. Also, these products can reduce malfunctions and other problems in the NC machines caused by static electricity.

■Comparison of Adhesive Properties (SANMODUR TW-E)

*1 Cut by using a square end mill with 2 flutes (diameter of the end mill: 20 mm, frequency: 3,000 rpm, feed speed: 2,000 mm/min).

Epoxy Paste Resin System : SANMODUR FE2

SANMODUR FE2 is an epoxy paste resin system developed for the manufacture of large-scale design models and data-control models.

  • Can be applied to core models using a specialized dispensing machine promptly and easily, even when applied to vertical surfaces of the models.
  • Can be used for producing not only design models but also data-control models because SANMODURE FE2 has high cutting processability and produces models having smooth surfaces with fine cell structure (surface roughness: 4μm).
  • The milling dust of cured SANMODUR FE2 minimally adheres to NC machines and operators, and this product improves working conditions due to its antistatic properties. Also, it protects the machines from malfunctions caused by static electricity.

■Outline of Epoxy Paste Resin System

For Safe Material Handling

Please feel free to request the brochure and the Safety Data Sheet (SDS).? Before handling or working with these products, refer to the SDS for recommended protective equipment, and detailed precautionary and hazards information.? Final determination of suitability of any material described above, including patent liability and safety for intended applications, is the sole responsibility of the user.


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