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Permanent Antistatic Agents

Antistatic Properties of PELECTRON

1.Performance of PELECTRON Products

PELECTRON imparts conductivity to resins, releases static electricity effectively, and protects against problems caused by static electricity including destruction of electronic circuits, electric shock, appliance malfunctions and dust adhesion.

An Example Result of Dust Adhesion Test (at 25 ± 15°C for three months)



2.Why the Performance of PELECTRON Products is Durable and Less Humidity-Dependent

When compounded with resins, PELECTRON forms numerous connected conductive channels in the surface layer of resins, and imparts an immediate and permanent antistatic property to the resins.
On the other hand, low-molecular antistatic agents when compounded with resins, migrate to the surface and form a continuous layer on top of the surface. Low-molecular antistatic agents are slow-acting and the performance is moisture-dependent, because the continuous layer on the surface becomes electroconductive only after absorbing moisture from the air. Furthermore, the performance is not durable, because the surface layer is easily removed through wiping or washing with water.

Working Mechanism of Antistatic Agents -Conceptual Drawing-

Influence of Water Washing on Surface Resistivity

Influence of Relative Humidity on Surface Resistivity


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