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Resins and PELECTRON are dry-blended using a blender, such as a tumble mixer, and are molded into the final product using an appropriate molder, such as an injection molding machine and an extrusion molding machine. Fillers and pigment may be added if necessary during the dry-blending process.
When it is required to enhance the degree of dispersion of components in the resins, knead the dry-blended compound prior to molding.

Flowchart in the Process of Injection Molding Using PELECTRON

Recommended Molding Temperature

Molding temperature  °C 160 - 230 210 - 250 170 - 230

As shown below PELECTRON has some hygroscopicity, but is packed in bags under moisture proof conditions. Therefore no drying is necessary, when PELECTRON is used just after unsealing. If PELECTRON bag is kept open for several hours after unsealing, drying is necessary; or defective molding may occur. Determine the optimal conditions for drying by referring to the following data.

PELECTRON Hygroscopicity (Relationship Between Time and Moisture Content)

Recommended PELECTRON Drying Conditions

Hot-air dryingDrying under reduced pressure
Temperature: 85 - 95°C (185-203 oF)
Duration: 4 - 6 hours
Temperature: 70 - 80°C (158-176 oF)
Vacuum: Below 1,300 Pa (0.2 psi)
Duration: 2 - 4 hours


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