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End Use Examples

Base Materials for Ointments

MACROGOL products are ideal as a base material for ointments (e.g. penicillin, Terramycin, streptomycin, and other antibiotics; antihistamine, benzocaine, and other narcotics; and for preservatives). These products can be used to adjust the concentration and viscosity of pharmaceuticals to be applied to the skin. These products make the pharmaceuticals easier to evenly apply, therefore allowing an accurate amount to persistently permeate into the affected area. These products also act to absorb body fluid oozing from the affected area.

Example formula for base materials of
water-soluble ointment

Materials(wt %)
MACROGOL 4000 20
Stearyl alcohol 37
Glycerin 30
Purified water 12
Sodium lauryl sulfate 1
Total 100

Base Materials for Suppositories

We offer a wide range of MACROGOL products, from MACROGOL 400 that has a freezing point of approximately 6oC, to MACROGOL 20000 which has a freezing point of approximately 60oC. It is possible to mix two or more MACROGOL products to produce a base material that has an ideal melting point and an ideal dissolving rate for suppositories.
In general, thermal stability (storage stability) is improved at ambient temperature by the use of MACROGOL products with a high average molecular weight.

Binders for Tablets

MACROGOL products can also be used as a tablet surface smoother, coating agent, or binder.
MACROGOL 6000 (powder) has a shorter tablet coating time than the common sugar coating agent. With this product, you can obtain a tablet that looks good appearance and has a hard surface.
This product can also be used in tablets for diabetics.


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