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Hygroscopic Properties

MACROGOL products are hygroscopic, and their hygroscopic properties decrease in accordance with the increase in their molecular weight. For example, MACROGOL 200 has a high hygroscopic property similar to that of a propylene glycol, whereas MACROGOL 4000 and MACROGOL 20000 have very low hygroscopic properties. The following figure shows the equilibrium moisture regain of MACROGOL.


MACROGOL products have low toxicity according to the following LD50 values for rats.

Product NameLD50
g/kg (oral, rat)
MACROGOL 400 30.2
MACROGOL 1500 44.2
MACROGOL 4000 50
MACROGOL 6000(powder) 50
MACROGOL 6000(flake) 50

Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances, Feb. 2003 (NIOSH)(CD-ROM).

Other properties

  • MACROGOL is readily esterified and etherified, because it has primary hydroxyl groups at both ends of its molecule.
  • MACROGOL's water solubility is not affected by the presence of an electrolyte. It is solubule in hard water and aqueous salt solution, as well as in acids and alkalis (except for extremely concentrated acids or alkalis).
  • MACROGOL and its aqueous solutions show excellent lubricity. It decomposes at high temperatures, but no residue remains.
  • MACROGOL's temperature-kinematic viscosity curve and its aqueous solutions' temperature-kinematic viscosity curves are shown below.


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