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We have published several books which are available through our company.
English versions of some of these books, as listed below, are available.
If you wish to buy a copy, please place an order with our Public Relations Dept.

■Introduction to Surfactants

Page : 380 pages (hardback only)
Size : 147mm × 226mm
Price : 7,143 yen plus shipping and handling
A handbook giving an easy explanation of everything concerning surfactants, including their chemical structures, primary and secondary properties, and application examples.

■Introduction to High-Molecular Agents

Page : 900 pages (hardback only)
Size : 147mm × 226mm
Price : 9,524 yen plus shipping and handling
The term high-molecular agent is first introduced in this book and refers to the high-molecular compounds that are chosen by our customers not for their chemical compositions, but for their performance and properties. They include superabsorbent polymers for disposable diapers, polymer flocculants for wastewater treatment and toner resins for electrophotography. This book was compiled by our company's researchers with the aim of classifying high-molecular agents in order to clarify the relationship between their structures and performance, as well as providing a reference for those who intend to study or utilize high-molecular agents.



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