Natural Higher Alcohol-based Nonionic Surfactant



· Nonionic surfactants which can be mixed with other surfactants in any ratio.
· Applicable not only as base materials for household detergents, but also emulsifiers, dispersants, wetting agents, detergents, etc. for various industries such as the metal industries, synthetic resin industries, agrichemical industries and textile industries.
· Can be used as raw materials for other chemical substances (changed into anionic surfactants by sulfation or phosphation).
· Synthetic Resin Industry/ an emulsifier for emulsion polymerizations.
· Metal industry/ ingredients for acid and alkali cleaning agents for metals, and mulsifiers or oiliness improvers for rolling oils and cutting oils.
· Agrichemical Industry / an emulsifiers for machine oils.
· Textile Industry/emulsifiers for spin finish, solubilizing agents for dyes, dispersant for disperse dyes, leveling agents and soaping agents.



  • ・Cleaning
  • ・Wetting/Penetrating
  • ・Emulsifying
  • ・Dispersing
  • ・Foaming/Foam stabilizing
  • ・Solubilizing
  • ・Others


  • ・Detergents/Softeners
  • ・Agrichemicals/Horticulture Supplies
  • ・Textiles
  • ・Paper Making
  • ・Paints
  • ・Synthetic Resins & Rubbers
  • ・Petroleum & Industries
  • ・Machinery/Metals


Nonionic Surfactants Ether-based

Properties, and other information

Principal Component Polyoxyethylene alkyl ether derived from natural higher alcohols Appearance White to pale yellow paste pH(Sample Concentration) 7.0(1 wt % aqueous solution)
HLB 15.1 Cloud Point(℃)(Sample Concentration) >100(2 wt % aqueous solution)(Measured in a sealed tube) Freezing Point(℃) 35

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