Cationic Surfactant Type Antibacterial Agent for Industrial Use



· Antibacterial/anticeptic for industrial use.
· It has effective antibacterial activity even at low concentrations on a wide variety of bacteria.
· It has almost no offensive odor.
· Excellent stability, and therefore has a long shelf life while only minimally losing antibacterial activity.
· Dissolves in water at any concentration, and at standard concentrations the aqueous solution is colorless. Therefore, it does not stain clothing.
· Can be mixed with almost all nonionic surfactants.



  • ・Antibacterial


  • ・Food Manufacturing or Distribution


Cationic Surfactants Benzalkonium-based

Properties, and other information

Principal Component Benzalkonium chloride Appearance Pale yellow liquid pH(Sample Concentration) 9.0(20 wt % aqueous solution)
Content(wt%) 51(Cationic surfactant) Ionic Cationic

Precaution Against Mishandling

· Do not use CATION G-50 with soap or other anionic surfactants because this product is a cationic surfactant. It may precipitate, and therefore its antibacterial activity may reduce.
· A mixture of CATION G-50 and other agents may precipitate depending on the temperature and concentrations. When this product is used with other agents, test their stability and antibacterial activity beforehand to ensure that there are no problems.
The following are examples of substances that tend to cause precipitation: Iodine, potassium iodide, potassium permanganate, sodium citrate, zinc nitrate, silver nitrate, boric acid, zinc white, citric acid, tartaric acid, protein silver and kaolin.


Other Precautions

· When using for applications that come into direct contact with the skin, dilute to the concentration of use in advance and check the safety such as irritation to the skin before use.


Before handling this product, refer to the current Safety Data Sheet for recommended protective equipment, and detailed precautionary and hazards information.If SDS is not listed on the homepage, please contact our sales representative.