CSR Procurement Guidelines

In order to improve the CSR of our entire supply chain, we have drawn up a series of Supply Chain CSR Guidelines and, with the support of our suppliers, have been implementing these since 2010.

We make sure to present these guidelines along with a guidebook covering their application to each of our domestic and international suppliers and monitor the progress of their CSR policies through surveys conducted once every two years.

Based on the results of a 2016 survey of domestic suppliers, in 2017 we entered into in-depth discussions with our supply partners and conducted a survey targeting our overseas supply network.

Today, these guidelines are executed throughout the Sanyo Kasei Group based on established corporate practices and adjusted to the distinct needs of each individual branch and subsidiary.

Supply Chain CSR Procurement Guidelines

  • We shall establish and consolidate internal systems to promote CSR.
  • We shall ensure compliance to laws, regulations and corporate ethics.
  • We shall practice the operation to ensure safety and environmental preservation.
  • We shall improve the product safety and reduce the environmental impacts of products by chemical substance management and green procurement.
  • We shall promote risk management such as adequate response and accurate information disclosure in case of emergencies.
  • We shall communicate with the stakeholders such as customers, shareholders and employees as well as improve corporate transparency.
  • We shall respect human rights, do away with discrimination, improve workplace environments, and eliminate forced labor and child labor.
  • We shall strive to prevent leakage of confidential information and protect our own and other’s intellectual property.

Green Procurement Guidelines

In order to design and supply products with a low environmental impact and provide our clients with the most relevant product information, we established a set of green procurement standards for our production materials in 2005 and have been enacting them ever since. We have made it our policy to purchase materials from trusted suppliers who are engaged environmental conservation and the careful management of chemical substances. These materials must also comply with our Chemical Substance Management Level Index. When a new material is delivered, we conduct a variety of in-depth surveys related to green procurement practices, environment and chemical substances management, and CSR activities. Since 2000, we have also been implementing green procurement practices when purchasing office supplies, OA equipment, and vehicles.

Green Procurement Guideline Requirements

I.For corporate activities:

  • Engagement in environmental conservation based on a system of environmental management.
  • Establishment and operation of a chemical substance management system.
  • We shall practice the operation to ensure safety and environmental preservation.
  • Provision of information about the chemical substances contained in procured items.

II.For Delivered Products:

  • Concentration investigation report of our prohibited substances and limited use substances in procurement materials.
  • Concentration investigation report of specific heavy metals.
  • Non-content certification of regulated chemical substances of the RoHS and ELV Directive in procurement materials.


  • The information of the investigation reports based on the requirements above, is evaluated in our company. Then we will procure materials which are satisfied with both environmental conservation activities and environmental impact of the procurement materials in principle.
  • Based on the evaluation results, improvement is occasionally requested in order to reduce environmental impact.

Required documents

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