Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd. signed the UN Global Compact (UNGC), a global framework for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, on March 5, 2021, to further promote sustainability as a group under the corporate mission “Let us contribute to building a better society through our corporate activities!” In addition, we used this opportunity to review our previously established “purchasing policy” and formulate a “sustainable purchasing policy.” Under this policy, we aim to promote procurement activities that contribute toward realizing a sustainable society.


Such activities cannot be realized without the cooperation of our business partners. We intend to promote sustainable purchases from a long-term perspective to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society throughout our supply chain, including our business partners.



Sustainable Purchasing Policy

1.We conduct procurement activities based on social common sense and corporate ethics in addition to ensuring compliance, and strive to cooperate with our business partners, and build relationships based on trust.


2.We provide fair business opportunities to both domestic and overseas companies and conduct procurement activities from a global perspective.


3.We consider various conditions such as the quality, price, and stable supply of materials and raw materials in procurement activities. Moreover, we make efforts to set appropriate prices and maintain and improve quality in cooperation with our business partners. Simultaneously, we promote green procurement in terms of environmental conservation and chemical substance control.


4.We aim to create a sustainable society throughout the supply chain in conjunction with our business partners to fulfill the corporate social responsibility, including considerations related to the global environment and protection of human rights and working environment.



Sustainable procurement

What we work on and want our business partners to focus on is summarized in the “Sustainable Procurement Guidelines.” We would like our business partners to understand the purpose of this policy and the guidelines and conduct activities in accordance with them alongside our efforts.






At the start of a business transaction

We ask our business partners to submit the “Safety Data Sheet (SDS),” “Certification of Specific Chemical Substances,” “Investigation Report of Environmental Management and Chemical Substance Management (related to raw materials, containers, packaging materials, outsourced products, and purchased products),” and “CSR Questionnaire” together with the “Raw Material Supply Specifications” when initiating a business transaction. We then assess our business partners’ status of sustainable procurement and green procurement promotion based on the answers to the questionnaires to collectively improve the sustainable procurement level.