In the procurement of raw materials, we implement CSR procurement and green procurement. Each group company is developing the procurement activity tailored to its specific circumstances based on Sanyo Chemical’s practical methods.

CSR procurement

In order to improve the CSR of the whole supply chain, we established the supply chain CSR procurement guidelines and have been operating them since 2010 while receiving cooperation from the suppliers. We monitored the CSR promotion status of the suppliers through questionnaire investigations that we conduct once every two years. In fiscal 2019, we fed back the result of the questionnaire investigation of domestic suppliers from fiscal 2018.


Supply chain CSR procurement guidelines


1. Establish/develop the in-house system for promotion of CSR.

2. Thoroughly ensure compliance by observing laws/regulations and company ethics.

3. Give consideration to the environment and implement business activities that secure safety.

4. Implement chemical substance management and green procurement to secure product safety and reduce the environmental load.

5. Promote risk management by appropriately addressing emergencies and adequately disclosing information.

6. Make communications with the stakeholders, including clients, shareholders, and employees, and enhance the transparency of the company.

7. Eliminate child labor and forced labor, honor human rights, and abolish discrimination to improve the working environment.

8. Make efforts to prevent the leakage of classified information and protect intellectual properties of your own and third parties.




Green procurement

To design and supply products with further reduced environmental load and provide customers with adequate product information, we set the green procurement standards for production materials, and we have been operating it since 2005. We procure materials that comply with these procurement standards, in principle, and are requesting that suppliers answer about the information on inclusion of environmental load substances. In fiscal 2019, we reviewed and revised the contents of the written raw material specifications and the environmental/chemical substance management activity investigation slip. Since 2000, we have also been implementing green purchasing of office supplies, office automation equipment, auxiliary materials, passenger vehicles, and other materials.




We will procure materials that comply with our Guidelines on Chemical Substance Management Levels from suppliers who implement environment preservation activity and chemical substance management.




I.Company activities

1. The supplier must be implementing environment preservation activity based on the environment management system.

2. The supplier must have an established chemical substance management system and must be operating it.

3. The supplier must consider the environment and implement business activities that secure safety.

4. The supplier must provide us with the information on chemical substances contained in the items we procure.

II.Products to be delivered

1. Report on inclusion condition of prohibited substances and substances subject to reduction as set by us.

2. Investigation of contained amount of heavy metal and other substances.

3. Guarantee of non-inclusion of chemical substances specified in the RoHS and ELV.



1. We will assess the investigation documents for the requirements, and in principle, we will procure materials that satisfy both the standard for company activity and the standard for information on products.

2. Depending on the assessment result, we may switch to safer materials with less of an environmental load or make an improvement request to a client or audit it.

3. We will periodically assess the company activities, and feedback the assessment results to the clients.

Required documents

Standards, etc.