Amidopropyl Betaine type Amphoteric Detergent Base with Low Sodium Chloride Content



· Low irritation, can be used with both ionic and nonionic surfactants. Shows high foaming property and foam stability.
· An aqueous solution containing about 30% by mass of coconut oil fatty acid amide propyl betaine as an active ingredient with a low sodium chloride content.
· Compared to a commercially available product with a high sodium chloride content (LEBON 2000 in our product), the viscosity change of the hair shampoo is small and the stability over time is high.
· Since the content of sodium chloride is low, the appearance of hair shampoo and the like is stable over time even when cationized cellulose is used in combination.
· It has good compatibility with anionic surfactants and shows a thickening effect when blended in a specific ratio.
· When used for hair shampoo, etc., it gives a fine and rich lather.
· Mild irritation to skin and eyes.
· Shows good biodegradability.
· Good hard water resistance.



  • ・Cleaning
  • ・Foaming/Foam stabilizing


  • ・Cosmetics/Hair care & Skincare


Amphoteric Surfactants Betaine-type

Properties, and other information

Principal Component Coconut oil fatty acid amidopropyl betaine Appearance Pale yellow liquid pH(Sample Concentration) 5.0(Undiluted)
Evaporated residue(wt%) 31 INCI Name COCAMIDOPROPYL BETAINE, WATER Chinese INCI Name 椰油酰胺丙基甜菜碱, 水
Export to China Registrated on IECIC2015

Precaution Against Mishandling

· There is no problem under normal usage conditions, but there is a risk of coloring and decomposition at pH 4 or lower and pH 10 or higher, so avoid using under these conditions.


Before handling this product, refer to the current Safety Data Sheet for recommended protective equipment, and detailed precautionary and hazards information.If SDS is not listed on the homepage, please contact our sales representative.