Policies, Standards and Guidelines

Company Mission

Establish a better society through our corporate activities.
To achieve this purpose, we will endeavor to promote the followings:

  1. We believe that the company is an organic entity of capital, management, and labor harmoniously linked together. Keeping this in mind, we will strive to achieve dynamic growth.
  2. Trusting that our inventive power has no limits, we will ceaselessly try to develop new business areas and supply original and high-quality products to the market.
  3. We believe that perpetual profits come only from the creation of value, and we do not seek superficial profits.
  4. We will fulfill the customers’ expectation and earn their trust by providing high-quality cost-effective products and superior technical service.
  5. When all the members of the company share the same vision for the company’s future and challenge for innovation on our own initiative, we will be rewarded with an abundant profit. This profit will then be fairly distributed among internal reserves, shareholders, management and employees.
  6. We will strive for perfection in safety and harmony with the environment, which is the first required mission in the society.

(Established in 1959; revised on December 21, 1995)

Code of Corporate Ethics

We, Sanyo Chemical Group, are maintaining our Code of Corporate Ethics, believing that it is essential corporate behavior to ensure legal compliance and to fulfill corporate social responsibility, which has been implemented to take the lead in the realization of a sustainable society. With good sense and integrity we are committed to improving our society and are following our company mission, "Establish a better society through our corporate activities."
Based on these corporate ethics, we prescribe our principles of corporate behavior as follows:

  1. We, Sanyo, shall develop and provide socially beneficial and safe products and services, through innovation, and strive for sustainable economic growth and the resolution of social issues. And provide consumers and customers with appropriate information about products and services, communicate with them in good faith, earn the satisfaction and confidence of our consumers and customers.
  2. In our business activity, we shall be devoted to fair competition, appropriate transactions and responsible procurement.
  3. We shall proactively take initiatives to conserve the environment and prevent accidents and disasters as crucial requirements for the sustainability and activity of our business.
  4. We shall engage in active, effective and fair disclosure of corporate information, not only to shareholders, but also a wide range of stakeholders.
  5. We shall protect our intellectual properties and respect those of others, as well as be thorough in our protection and management of personal information and customer information.
  6. We shall conduct business that respects the human rights of all persons.
  7. As a “good corporate citizen,” we shall actively engage in community involvement activities and contribute to community development.
  8. We shall realize work practices that will improve the capability of employees and that respect their diversity, character, and individuality. Also, we shall provide a safe and healthy working environment.
  9. We shall conduct thorough and organized crisis management in the face of actions antisocial forces, terrorism, cyber attacks, natural disasters and other crises that pose a threat to civil society and corporate activity.

All management must undertake the responsibility and take all necessary actions for implementing and promoting this Code of Corporate Ethics within Sanyo Chemical Group. Management must promote the development and imple-mentation of systems that will contribute to the achievement of the Code of Corporate Ethics. Management must also encourage behavior based on the principles of this Charter within the corporation’s supply chain.
In the event of any violation of these principles and loses the trust of society, top management must take responsibility to respond to the situation, including resolving the problem, investigating the causes, and preventing the problem from recurring.

Established: April 1, 2003
The 2nd version revised: January 1, 2005
The 3rd version revised: March 26, 2008
The 4th version revised: April 1, 2011
The 5th version revised: November 1, 2018

Advice on Compliance

In the Code of Corporate Ethics we have declared that it is essential corporate behavior to ensure legal compliance and to fulfill our corporate social responsibility. We Sanyo Chemical Group are voluntarily adopting this advice in order to promote a sustainable society and are following our company mission, keeping in mind good sense and integrity towards the surrounding society. All company executives and employees are expected to follow this code of corporate ethics:
Therefore, we expect all of us to answer positively to each question below.

  1. Can you confirm that your judgment of compliance is not clouded by anything such as profit-making motives or budget short fall?
  2. Can you confirm that your decisions have not been founded on over-optimism or wishful thinking and thus containing legal risk?
  3. Can you confirm that your decisions comply with the code of corporate ethics and are in no way damaging to Sanyo Chemical Group corporate reputation?
  4. Can you confirm that you have not concealed information or have not made judgments that could be considered unfair or selfishly motivated?
  5. Can you confirm that you have conducted yourself in a fair and honest manner and have not engaged in illegal or legally risky actions?
  6. Can you confirm that you have not been forced to do something that you suspected it was unfair or might have been illegal? Can you confirm that you have not been forced to do something that you suspected it was unfair or might have been illegal?
  7. Can you declare openly that your actions have always been legal, just and fair?

If you are having difficulty in your decision making, please do not hesitate to discuss duly with your superiors or people concerned. If you feel necessary, you can also consult the compliance hotlines listed below.


  • Internal Hotline: General Manager of Audit Division (Secretary of Compliance committee)
  • External Hotline: The contact information is withheld.

Established: April 1, 2003
The 2nd edition revised: January 1, 2005

CSR Guidelines

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Basic Policy Our mission has been to establish a better society through our corporate activities since our foundation. Sanyo Chemical Group aims for sustainable growth of our own group through corporate activities that contribute to the "realization of a sustainable global environment."
1.Safety and accident prevention We will give top priority to safety and accident prevention in all our business activities. We will strive for the continuance of accident-free and injury-free operation, and contribute to social safety. At the same time, we will protect the safety and health of everyone involved in our operations, and strive to create a comfortable work environment.
2.Compliance All directors and employees of our Group make sure to take action with the questions in “Advice on Compliance” in mind, including “Can you declare openly that your actions have always been legal, just, and fair?”
3.Reduction of environmental impact We work voluntarily and steadily on effective measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the generation of plastic and industrial waste. Notably, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we actively promote energy conservation and the shift to renewable energy.
4.Product development We aim to develop products that are useful in society and that can “realize a sustainable global environment” and “improve convenience and comfort,” by combining the strengths that we have acquired with new strengths that we will acquire and external expertise.
5.Sustainable purchasing We have our Sustainable Purchasing Policy in place and steadily fulfill the policy to contribute to “realizing a sustainable global environment,” and avoid complicity in human rights violations throughout the supply chain, including suppliers.
6.Product safety and quality reliability We provide accurate product information to external parties to ensure safety throughout the product lifecycle, from development and manufacture to use and disposal of products. To improve the quality reliability of products, we ensure rigorous quality control in-house.
7.DEI and human resource development We respect the diversity, personalities, and individuality of our employees, and ensure a safe and comfortable workplace environment. We develop human resources who can achieve self-actualization by demonstrating self-initiative and creativity in addition to realizing well-being, abundance, and mental and physical health. We endeavor to eliminate harassment and respect human rights in the workplace.
8.Dialogue with stakeholders We disclose financial and non-financial information of our Group in an active and fair manner and promote dialogue so that our stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, investors, suppliers, local communities, local governments, mass media, and employees can correctly understand the corporate value of our Group, and so that we can understand the expectations and evaluations of our Group from the viewpoint of our stakeholders and reflect them in our corporate activities.
9.Social contribution activities We maintain our voluntary activities to contribute to educational and research institutions, medical institutions, local communities, NPOs, and NGOs, with the aim of promoting science and technology, art, culture, education, and welfare.

(Established on August 31, 2009; revised on February 28, 2022)

Management policies concerning responsible care(RC)

  1. We will set continuance of accident-free/injury-free operation and harmony with the global environment as priority managerial issues.
  2. We will thoroughly comply with laws and regulations in every aspect of business activities and cooperate in the measures implemented by authorities and international agreements.
  3. We will put all our energy into continuous improvement of the environment and safety throughout the whole product lifecycle ranging from product development through manufacturing, physical distribution, use, and final consumption to disposal.
  4. To reduce the environmental load, we will endeavor to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases and save energy and resources in the product development and manufacturing stages and will promote recycling, decrease of waste, and reduction of the emission of chemical substances.
  5. We will not only provide products that can be used by customers with satisfaction and safety but also try to collect the latest information on product safety and provide customers with the collected information.
  6. We will deepen our understanding and appreciation of conservation of biodiversity and promote activities with due consideration for biodiversity. We will promote communications concerning environmental conservation activities with the concerned authorities and local community.
  7. We will promote communications concerning environmental conservation activities with the concerned authorities and local community.

(Established on November 1, 1996; revised on August 6, 1999; revised on June 2, 2005; revised on November 30, 2009; revised on May 9, 2013)

Action Policy Concerning Kyoto Protocol

As a company based in the city of Kyoto where an international agreement (Kyoto Protocol) for global warming prevention was made, we acknowledge the activity for global warming prevention as an important managerial issue and proactively engage in the activities shown below.

  1. We will design products by considering the minimization of the emissions of greenhouse gases throughout the lifecycle of our products.
  2. In manufacturing and physical distribution, we will proactively incorporate the latest technologies to promote energy saving and work to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.
  3. We will instruct our employees to practice energy saving/resource saving that leads to global warming prevention in their private lives and will support those activities.
  4. We will reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases through our own efforts and introduce emission reduction by means of greenhouse gas emission trading at home and abroad.

(Established on June 2, 2005; revised on June 8, 2006)

Action Policy Concerning Biodiversity

With the acknowledgement that business affects biodiversity, our group will deepen the understanding and acknowledgement of the preservation of biodiversity and promote our activities with consideration for biodiversity.

  1. We will develop products in consideration of the environment and contribute to the preservation of biodiversity through the provision and diffusion of those products.
  2. In the procurement of materials, raw materials, office supplies, and others, we will give consideration to the preservation of biodiversity.
  3. We will reduce the environmental loads, such as the emissions of greenhouse gases, utilization of water resources, and release of chemical substances and waste, from the workplaces so as to alleviate their impact on biodiversity.
  4. All of our employees will enhance the understanding and acknowledgement of biodiversity and try to enhance the awareness of the preservation of biodiversity.
  5. We will promote efforts in cooperation with the local community.

(Established on May 9, 2013)

Safety Philosophy and Policy

Safety philosophy

We place the highest priority on Safety and Compliance in all our business activities.

Safety policy

Safety comes first. Recognizing that safety is the foundation of our business activities, and with a strong determination to ensure that no one will be injured or will injure others, we will work on the following as our basic policy.

  1. Observance of basic safety rules
  2. Execution of health and safety activities
  3. Improvement of crisis management capabilities

(Established on December 27, 2022)

Sanyo Chemical Group Human Rights Policy

  1. Basic attitude

    As corporate activities become increasingly globalized, companies are expected to take the initiative in eliminating human rights violations from the perspective of creating an inclusive society. The Group will conduct management that respects the human rights of all people and recognizes that its business activities may have a negative impact on human rights. At the same time, we will work with our customers, business partners, suppliers, and government agencies to avoid such negative impacts, thereby gaining recognition from investors, customers, and society at large. We will also cooperate with diverse stakeholders to support the socially vulnerable.

  2. Scope of application

    This policy applies to all executives and employees of the Sanyo Chemical Group. The Sanyo Chemical Group will continue to encourage its customers, business partners, and suppliers to support this policy and participate in similar initiatives, and will work together to promote initiatives to respect human rights.

  3. Responsibility to respect human rights

    The Sanyo Chemical Group will fulfill its responsibility to respect human rights by not infringing on the human rights of those affected by its business activities and by taking appropriate measures to correct any adverse impact on human rights that its business activities may cause. If any adverse impact on human rights is caused by our customers, business partners, and suppliers, we will demand them to take appropriate action.

  4. Compliance with applicable laws and regulations

    The Sanyo Chemical Group will strive to understand internationally recognized human rights norms and the relevant laws and regulations in each country, including those stipulated in the following documents. Where local national laws and regulations are incompatible with internationally recognized human rights norms, we will seek ways to respect the latter.

    • International Bill of Human Rights: Universal Declaration of Human Rights and International Covenants on Human Rights (International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights / International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights)
    • International Labour Organization’s (ILO’s) Core Labour Standards (child labor, forced labor, freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, elimination of discrimination in employment, etc.)
    • United Nations “Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights”
    • OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises
    • United Nations Global Compact (voluntary efforts of companies based on the Ten Principles in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment, and anti-corruption)
    • IS026000 “Guidance on social responsibility”
    • Japanese government “Guidelines on Respect for Human Rights in Responsible Supply Chains”
    • UK Modern Slavery Act
  5. Human rights due diligence

    The Sanyo Chemical Group will establish a human rights due diligence system to identify adverse impacts on human rights, conduct preventive surveys and investigations, implement appropriate measures to correct adverse impact, and continue to strive to prevent and mitigate its adverse human rights impact on society.

  6. Identification of human rights risks

    The Sanyo Chemical Group has identified the following three items as outstanding human rights issues, and will continue to address these issues.

    • Labor in the supply chain
    • Employee safety and health
    • Human rights risks due to the effects of geopolitical situations and conflicts
  7. Prevention and mitigation measures

    The Sanyo Chemical Group will not engage in discrimination or acts that undermine the dignity of individuals based on factors such as thoughts, creed, age, social status, nationality, birthplace, ethnic group, religion, immigration, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, pregnancy, poverty, disease, and disability. To that end, we will also strive to understand the issues faced by socially vulnerable people who suffer from discrimination and acts that undermine personal dignity based on these reasons, and cooperate with various stakeholders such as government agencies, local governments, and social welfare organizations to provide support.

  8. Corrective and remedial measures

    The Sanyo Chemical Group fully recognizes that human rights violations pose a management risk. It will prevent human rights violations and respond fairly and appropriately in the event of any human rights violations. It will not only oppose child labor and forced labor, but will also not use raw materials that are thought to have been produced by child labor or forced labor. It will also establish a whistleblowing contact point that allows anonymous reporting for internal employees, and will take necessary measures while appropriately handling the confidentiality of the whistleblowers and reported information. It will prohibit any disadvantageous treatment or retaliation against whistleblowers, and will ensure their protection.

  9. Education

    The Sanyo Chemical Group will continue to provide appropriate education to ensure that a correct understanding of this policy is permeated both inside and outside the company, and that it is effectively implemented.

  10. Information disclosure/engagement

    The Sanyo Chemical Group will disclose the status of its efforts regarding Respect for Human Rights. It will also evolve a series of efforts based on this policy through dialogue and consultation with various internal and external stakeholders.

(Established: March, 2023)

Sustainable Procurement

  1. We conduct procurement activities based on social common sense and corporate ethics in addition to ensuring compliance, and strive to cooperate with our business partners, and build relationships based on trust.
  2. We provide fair business opportunities to both domestic and overseas companies and conduct procurement activities from a global perspective.
  3. We consider various conditions such as the quality, price, and stable supply of materials and raw materials in procurement activities. Moreover, we make efforts to set appropriate prices and maintain and improve quality in cooperation with our business partners. Simultaneously, we promote green procurement in terms of environmental conservation and chemical substance control.
  4. We aim to create a sustainable society throughout the supply chain in conjunction with our business partners to fulfill the corporate social responsibility, including considerations related to the global environment and protection of human rights and the working environment.

(Established: January, 2022)

Sustainable Procurement Guidelines

  1. Sound Corporate Management
    1. We emphasize the realization of a sustainable society as management policy, establish a system to promote sustainability, work on this, make our business partners aware of the significance of Sustainable Procurement, and attempt to disseminate such knowledge throughout the supply chain.
    2. We comply with laws and regulations, adhere to social norms, and conduct fair and transparent corporate governance.
    3. We have established a management system and mechanisms that ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the company’s business operations, reliability of financial reports, compliance with business-related laws and regulations, and preservation of assets.
    4. We have established a system for the continuation or early recovery of important operations or businesses in the event of a disaster.
    5. We ensure supply chain transparency and are not involved in conflict mineral procurement, crime, etc.
    6. We ensure transparency and accountability to society and stakeholders.
  2. Fair Corporate Activities
    1. We comply with laws and regulations related to commercial transactions, such as each country’s prohibition and competition laws, and conduct fair corporate activities based on corporate ethics.
    2. To prevent corruption, we refrain from paying inappropriate profits to or receiving them from business partners and maintain a healthy relationship between companies and public servants.
    3. We have eliminated relationships with antisocial forces and groups.
    4. We respect and do not infringe on the intellectual property of third parties (patent rights, copyrights, trademark rights, etc.).
    5. We have in place a whistleblowing system that ensures the confidentiality and protection of whistleblowers who come across important risk information.
    6. We carefully manage and protect confidential information, including personal details, and take protective measures against threats to computer networks.
  3. The Environment
    1. We comply with environment-related legal requirements in business activities and control chemical substances associated with products/services and manufacturing processes as specified by laws and regulations.
    2. We adhere to and comply with laws and regulations related to soil, air, and water.
    3. We set voluntary targets to save and effectively use resources and energy.
    4. We set voluntary targets and make efforts to achieve greenhouse gas reduction.
    5. We set voluntary targets and make efforts to ensure waste reduction.
    6. We manage the use of water, reduce its use as much as possible, and take measures to prevent direct drainage of water into the environment.
    7. We work on biodiversity conservation and sustainable use.
    8. We strive for green procurement through environmental conservation and chemical substance management.
  4. Human Rights
    1. We support and respect the protection of international human rights. In addition, we do not discriminate based on race, nationality, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, sexual identity, disability, pregnancy, poverty, infectious diseases, and other differences.
    2. We do not generate any impact that may support or promote human rights infringement, directly or indirectly, through our business activities.
  5. Labor
    1. We respect diversity and strive to eliminate discrimination in recruitment and employment to ensure equal opportunities for employees’ development and evaluation and fair treatment.
    2. We respect the individual human rights of employees and prohibit inhumane treatment such as abuse, bullying, and harassment.
    3. In addition to the statutory minimum wages, we pay employees other benefits, including overtime work allowance and statutory benefits, in a fair manner.
    4. We appropriately manage employees' working hours, holidays, and leaves to prevent exceeding the statutory limits.
    5. We hire all employees based on their free will and do not force them to work.
    6. We do not employ children below the minimum working age or engage in work that may impair their growth.
    7. We respect employees’ right to organize to realize labor-management consultation on their working environment, wage level, etc.
    8. We understand the accident risks that occur during work, including chemicals, noise, and odors that may harm employees’ health, and ensure a safe workplace environment. We also respect employees’ work–life balance and adopt measures for their sound mental health.
  6. Quality and Safety
    1. We ensure quality and safety when delivering products and services to the market.
    2. In the event of an accident related to products/services or the distribution of defective products, we disclose information to our suppliers, notify the competent authorities, recall products, and ensure systemic improvements such as safety measures.
  7. Building Connections with Local Communities
    1. We respect the cultures and customs of the countries and regions where we conduct business activities and contribute toward the sustainable development of local communities.

(Established: January, 2022)

Health Management Declaration

Employees’ mental and physical health is the company’s most important asset.
The Sanyo Chemical Group actively promotes health to realize the richness in both private and company life. Together, we respect the diversity of employees, where each and every employee is able to achieve personal fulfillment by showing their autonomy and creativity, and will continue to contribute to society through the development of our company.

(Established: September, 2018)

Social contribution policy

As a good corporate citizen, we contribute to the realization of an enriched society and sustained development.

  1. Our efforts

    By joining forces with a wide cross-section of society and effectively using available resources, we proactively engage in social contribution activities toward the development of human resources who will lead the next generation and continue to provide solutions to social issues.

  2. Response to the needs of countries/regions

    By sharing the philosophy of social contribution within the group and coordinating with the group bases in countries and regions, we will develop social contribution activities in accordance with the circumstances surrounding the individual countries and regions.

  3. Information disclosure

    By disclosing information and openly sharing the results of social contributions with society, we contribute to the realization of an enriched society and sustained development.

(Established: March, 2017)