March 27, 2017
Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd.

Sanyo Chemical Group (the “Company”) establishes and complies with these “Social Media Policies” with respect to the operation of the Company’s official accounts of social media and the use of social media by the Company’s employees.

Basic Policy

The Company and its employees properly understand and comply with the Company Mission, the Employee’s Action Guideline, the Code of Corporate Ethics and the Advice on Compliance established by the Company.

If the Company’s employees use social media personally or for their duties, they shall conduct in accordance with the following provisions:

  • Always keep in mind that information transmitted on the Internet is viewed by unspecified many users and information once transmitted cannot be completely deleted;
  • Do not transmit information that may violate laws and regulations or social ethics based on a global viewpoint;
  • Do not infringe on rights of third parties such as copyrights, rights of likeness, trademarks or personal information;
  • Do not use any expression that may cause misunderstanding, let alone defamatory or discriminatory expressions; and
  • Do not transmit any confidential information of the Company and stakeholders to social media under any circumstance.

Operation Policy of Official Accounts of Social Media

To use the official accounts operated by the Company (the “Official Accounts”), please read and agree to this operation policy.

To all who use social media

  • Information transmitted by the Company on the Official Accounts is that at the time of transmission.
    The Company does not warrant the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of such information.
  • Information transmitted by the Company on the Official Accounts does not always represent the Company’s official announcement or opinions.
    For the Company’s official announcement and opinions, please refer to the Company’s website.
  • The Company assumes no responsibility for contents (comments, images and videos) posted by users.
  • The Company assumes no responsibility for any damage caused by use or disuse of the Official Accounts by users.
  • Copyrights of contents posted on the Official Accounts belong to the users who posted such contents; provided, however, that upon the contents being displayed on the Official Accounts after the users posted such contents, the users are deemed to have granted the Company a worldwide license to use (including, but not limited to, to reproduce, process, translate, extract, release) the contents without prior approval of the users and without any compensation to the users, and have agreed not to exercise any copyright against the Company.
  • The Company assumes no responsibility for any damage incurred by a user(s) or a third party(ies) arising from a trouble caused in connection with the Official Accounts between users or between a user and a third party.
  • The Company may amend this Operation Policy without notice.
  • The Company may cease the operation of the Official Accounts or delete the Official Accounts without notice.

Reply and Response to Inquiries

  • The Company will not reply to all comments, posts or messages to the Official Accounts.
  • For any inquiry or comment with respect to the Company or the Company’s products, please use the inquiry page of the Company’s website.

Prohibited Matters

When you use the Official Accounts, please do not take any of the following acts. If you take any of the following acts, the Company may, at its own discretion, delete your posts or block or delete your user account:

  • Posting information that contains a false or groundless representation;
  • Inflicting damage on the Company, other users or third parties;
  • Defaming the Company, other users or third parties or impairing reputation or credit of the Company, other users or third parties;
  • Performing political activities, religious activities or any other act similar thereto;
  • Interfering with the operation of the Company’s accounts or impairing the Company’s credit;
  • Using the Official Accounts with false personal information or by identity theft;
  • Posting information that has no relation to the purpose or intention of the relevant page of the Official Accounts;
  • Posting information that is not consistent with various terms of use established by the operating organizations of social media; or
  • Other acts deemed inappropriate by the Company.

Governing Laws and Jurisdiction

Matters set forth in the Social Media Policies and the Operation Policy of Official Accounts are governed by Japanese law. Any dispute arising between a user(s) and the Company shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Kyoto District Court as the agreed competent court for the first instance.

Established on March 27, 2017.