The Sanyo Chemical Group implemented the “WakuWaku Explosion 2030” management policy in March 2022. Based on the company mission since our founding, “Establish a better society through our corporate activities,” each and every employee has been working to create values toward becoming an exciting (WakuWaku) company, where everyone can shine, with the three pillars of “Contribution to carbon neutrality (CN),” “Improvement of quality of life (QOL),” and “Improvement of job satisfaction,” so that we can contribute to creating a sustainable society.
On the other hand, in FY2022, negative factors such as lockdowns in China due to novel coronavirus infections (COVID-19), soaring energy prices due to the turmoil in Ukraine, automobile production cutbacks due to semiconductor shortages, sharp depreciation of the yen, and other global environmental changes have had significant impacts on our business operations.
Under these circumstances, the Sanyo Chemical Group formulated the New Medium-Term Management Plan, a three-year plan which defined the growth path of our Group and specific measures to realize the vision in the Management Policy. With its chemical capabilities to accelerate the creation of new value, the Sanyo Chemical Group will make concerted efforts to enhance value throughout the entire supply chain and generate innovation beyond the boundaries of chemistry.

New Medium-Term Management Plan 2025
Basic Policies

Business Strategy (FY2023-FY2025)

1. Growth from Core Business

We will position five focus product groups that contribute to carbon neutrality (CN) and improvement of QOL (quality of life) as “high-value-added products categories,” and accelerate research and development as well as capital investment in these product categories in order to generate earnings.

2. Reformation of Existing Business

We will improve profitability by transforming the business process throughout the supply chain and implementing structural reforms in the polyurethane and superabsorbent polymer (SAP) businesses.

3. Global Deployment

We will expand facilities in overseas plants and strengthen the functions of overseas sales offices.

Toward the Future Beyond 2025

1. New Growth Path

We will focus our resources on growing areas where we can contribute to carbon neutrality and improvement of QOL. We will reinforce innovative actions including opportunities for strategic alliances and M&A.

2. Solutions to Social Issues

We aim to pursue significant reduction of CO2 emissions through Carbon dioxide Capture and Utilization (CCU). We will proactively address human rights issues in the supply chain.

3. Initiatives to Support Growth

We will promote human resources development and improvement of the work environment. We will manage with safety and quality as our top priority and promote transparent management.

Revision of earnings forecast

Reflecting the external environment and the progress of internal transformation, we have revised the target of “20 billion yen in operating profit in FY2024” set forth in the management policy.

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