Aiming to be a company in which all employees can work comfortably with peace of mind while valuing their individuality, the Sanyo Chemical Group promotes “DEI (Diversity, equity & inclusion)” to create a work environment in which all human rights and diverse values are respected and accepted, and in which all employees are encouraged to perform proactive roles. In the promotion of DEI, the perspective of equity is particularly important, as it leads to the valuing of individuality. We will contribute to the creation of a sustainable society by generating added value through a combination of diverse needs and the ideas and technologies of each of our employees.

diversity brings innobation

What is Sanyo Chemical’s DEI?

DiversityDiversity: Respecting differences

Our company is full of diversity in terms of age, gender, values, disabilities, career, educational background, family environment, nationality, personal background, and other factors. We respect and acknowledge each other’s differences to build a work environment in which everyone can work with a peace of mind.

EquityEquity: Ensuring fair treatment

[Equality] = Giving the same thing to everyone, without considering individual differences
[Equity] = Taking individual differences into consideration and giving each person what is appropriate to achieve their goals
From the perspective of fairness, which focuses on the differences between each person, rather than equality, we will develop systems and initiatives tailored to the working conditions and environment of each employee.

InclusionInclusion: Increasing a sense of belonging to an organization

This refers to recognizing and accepting each other’s individuality and working together as one. A diverse and equitable organization is not necessarily one in which employees feel a greater sense of belonging. Recognizing that unconscious bias and assumptions may exist, we strive to improve psychological safety within the company to create an environment in which diverse individuals and groups are respected, supported, and valued.

Targets and Results

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Measures Contents and items Target value (deadline) Current status Evaluation
Overall DEI promotion Confirmation of various initiatives D&I AWARD 2022 certified (the highest rank) Certified in FY2022
Empowerment of women (1) Female leader ratio
(2) Female manager ratio
(3) Female director ratio
(4) Female director ratio
(1) 15% or more (FYE2023)
(2) 6% or more (FYE2023)
  • (1) and (2) are targets based on the 3rd Action Plan [Period: April 2021 - March 2024].
(3) More than 30% (FYE2030)
(4) 100% (FYE2025)
(1) 15.2%*1
(2) 4.9%*1
(3) 22.2%*1
(4) 98.2%
(1) A
(2) C
(3) C
(4) B
LGBTQ Raise awareness internally and externally. PRIDE Index 2022, Gold certification Certified in 2022
(four consecutive years)
People with disabilities
  • Support for continued employment
  • Employment rate
(1) Institutional structure (FYE2023)
(2) 2.5% (FYE2024)
(1) Proceed
(2) 2.06%*2
(1) B
(2) D
Foreign nationals (non-Japanese) Number of foreign employees hires 2 or more hired each year 2 people A

Rating guideline A: Target achieved B: Steady progress C: Target not achieved despite improvement (or progress) D: Target substantially missed or efforts insufficient

  • As of March 31, 2023
  • As of June 1, 2023

DEI promotion system

Since its founding, the Sanyo Chemical Group has promoted “people-oriented management” based on its company mission, “Establish a better society through our corporate activities,” with the aim of becoming a global, unique, and excellent corporate group. In addition to improving our economic and social factors, we value the job satisfaction, pride, and happiness of our employees. Therefore, we have worked from an early stage to create an environment where it is easy for women to work and have introduced various systems aimed at supporting a balance between work and family life under the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children. In FY2014, we established a women’s empowerment promotion section and consultation service. Based on the Act on the Promotion of Women’s Active Engagement in Professional Life, we have shifted our focus from supporting the continued employment of women to promoting the active participation of women, accelerating various initiatives. In FY2019, we established the Diversity Promotion Department within the Personnel Division to further accelerate support for not only women but also minorities in the company, including LGBTQ people, with the aim of strengthening our DEI promotion system.

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DEI promotion system

The Group has set the promotion of DEI as a material issue in its management policy “WakuWaku Explosion 2030” and the New Medium-Term Management Plan 2025. In FY2021, we decided to designate December of each year as “Diversity Month” to conjunction with Human Rights Week (from December 4 to 10 every year). DEI-related lecture sessions and events are held during Diversity Month. Thus, we are working to further change the mindset of all executives and employees.

Examples of activities during Diversity Month

Seminar to understand DEI / IKUBOSU lecture / Salon for LGBTQ people / Diversity menu provided at a company cafeteria

Promotion of women’s empowerment

Declaration on Action

In March 2017, we endorsed the Declaration of Action of the "Association of Male Leaders to Accelerate the Advancement of ‘Shining’ Women", which is supported by the Cabinet Office. With the aim of creating an environment in which diverse human resources can play an active role, we implement measures that will lead to the empowerment of women and promote the active participation of women.

Action Plan

We have formulated the 3rd Phase Action Plan (April 2021 to March 2024) based on the Act on the Promotion of Women’s Active Engagement in Professional Life and have submitted it to the Kyoto Labor Bureau. We have set the goal of increasing the female leader ratio to 15% or more and the female manager ratio to 6% or more by FYE2023 to lead to a steady increase in the number of women in management positions. While continuing our existing activities, we are working on the creation of a new Diversity Month and on systematic rotations for the development of female employees. In FY2021, we conducted a questionnaire survey among employees on the promotion of women’s empowerment, which is conducted every three years, to confirm changes in employee awareness and to use the survey results to plan future measures.

Third phase action plan based on the Act on the Promotion of Women’s Active Engagement in Professional Life (in Japanese only).pdf

Number of female leaders
ratio of female leaders

Number of childcare leave used (including employees dispatched to Sanyo Chemical Group companies)

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FY 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Male (persons) 27 37 40 47 55
Female (persons) 14 13 17 11 17
Employees return rate from childcare leave (%) 100 100 100 100 100

(As of March 31st of each year)

Reduced working hours for childcare (including employees dispatched to Sanyo Chemical Group companies)

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FY 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Male (persons) 1 0 0 0 0
Female (persons) 50 16 12 4 6

(As of March 31st of each year)

Reform of employee awareness and corporate culture

We hold study sessions at executive training camp study sessions, training sessions for managers, level-specific training sessions, and exchange meetings for people inside and outside the company. We also allow the use of a maiden name within the company, encourage male employees to take childcare leave, and participate in the IkuBOSS declaration and IkuBOSS Corporate Alliance membership.

Executive training camp study sessions

IkuBOSS Corporate Alliance Membership

Promotion of childcare leave for male employees

We encourage male employees to take childcare leave with the aim of realizing the wishes of male employees who want to actively raise children, and promoting women’s desire to work by allowing husbands to share with their wives the burden of childcare and housework, which tends to fall on the female partner. In FY2022, 55 male employees took childcare leave.

  • In line with the revision of the Childcare and Family Care Leave Act in October 2022, a total of 28 days of salary is paid to the relevant employee after the start of childcare leave, including postpartum paternity leave, regardless of gender.
number of male employees taking childcare leave / Rate of taking childcare leave

Development of female employees

《External training》

Participation in the 21st Century Seminar for Women’s Empowerment

Through participation in an external seminar, we aim to increase the motivation and skills of female employees and build an external network with women working at different companies.

The 21st Century School of Empowerment for Women

《In-house training》

Holding of the Women’s Network Seminars

We hold an in-house training session to increase the motivation and skills of female employees and to build a network among female employees that transcends departments, sections, and regions. We aim that this training session will help participants to grow themselves and develop their future careers and will provide them with the opportunity to think independently about creating a comfortable and rewarding workplace.

Women's Network Seminar

Holding of an outside Director’s salon

We regularly provide opportunities for the company’s first female outside Director, Aya Shirai, to interact with the Group’s managers and female employees so that they can exchange views on promoting women’s empowerment and their careers.

Outside Directors Salon

Holding of a seminar to support work and childcare balance for those returning to work after childcare leave

We hold a seminar to help employees who return to work after childcare leave to work actively despite time constraints. while balancing work and childcare, and build satisfying careers, and develop an internal network among employees working in the same environment. To balance work and childcare, it is essential to have understanding and support from the superiors of the relevant employees and those around them. Accordingly, we encourage their partners to participate in the seminar regardless of whether they belong to the company and require the participation of their superiors.

Seminar to support work and childcare balance for those returning to work after childcare leave

In addition, we hold a subordinate development seminar for managers, a training session for female employees, and an exchange meeting with female employees from other companies. We also provide opportunities for learning during childcare leave, conduct interviews after childcare leave, and expand job categories (systematic rotations) for those who return to work.

Major support systems for women’s empowerment

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Systems / Measures Details
Subsidy system for babysitter expenses and childcare expenses for sick children To support early return to work from childcare leave and early transition from short working hours for childcare to full-time work, we have introduced a subsidy system for babysitting expenses and childcare expenses for sick children.
Creation of a handbook to support balancing work and childcare. We have created a handbook for all employees that summarizes various systems, mainly in-house systems, regarding work styles during pregnancy, and after childbirth and return to work. We have posted about it on the intranet.
Review of the personnel evaluation system To ensure fair evaluation, we abolish evaluation restrictions for employees who take a leave of absence due to childcare and nursing care when evaluating employees regarding salary increases, promotions, bonuses, and other rewards.
Encouragement of male employees to take childcare leave To create a workplace environment where it is easier for women to work, we encourage male employees to take childcare leave (both male and female employees are paid for a total of 28 days from the start of childcare leave).

Major systems to support continued employment

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Systems / Measures Details
Childcare leave Available until the child turns one year old
(However, if there are reasons such as not being able to enroll in a nursery school or other facility, the leave is available until the child’s third year of age.)
Reduced work hours for childcare Available until the end of the fiscal year in which the child is in the fourth grade of elementary school
Short working hours Possible to shorten working hours by two hours per day
Staggered working hours Possible to shift the start and finish times by 30 minutes

Other support systems include exemption from overtime work, sick child leave, expansion of nursing care leave, and a re-employment request registration system.
We have also established various systems aimed at achieving an ideal work-life balance, such as an hourly paid holiday system and a super flextime system. The details are introduced in the “Work style reform” section.

Promotion of LGBTQ understanding

Since 2018, we have been working on initiatives related to LGBTQ sexual minorities. We are encouraging understanding and inner promotion of LGBTQ issues by establishing internal and external consultation services, revising internal rules and systems, conducting training and study sessions for executives and employees, providing timely information via the intranet, etc., and participating in Rainbow Pride. We are also communicating to society in an effort to create an environment that respects diverse values. Led by YouTuber Kazue-chan, an LGBTQ person who has been a member of the Group since August 2020 and is engaged in raising awareness about LGBTQ issues, we cooperate and participate in activities of external organizations as well as within the company.

Establishment of LGBTQ consultation services inside and outside the company

We have established LGBTQ consultation services both inside and outside the company to receive all kinds of consultations from employees.

Revision of internal rules

In July 2019, we reviewed our welfare system, and now establishing a system that allows employees to have a spouse regardless of whether the spouse is of the same sex or the opposite sex. (For the application of the system, applications can be made by self-reporting without the use of official documents.)
We have also revised internal rules, including removing the gender field from job entry sheets and eliminating the division between male uniforms and female uniforms (employees can choose the same work uniform or white coat irrespective of their gender).

Reform of employee awareness and corporate culture

Provision of training to understand LGBTQ issues

We hold training sessions for executives, personnel and general affairs staff, and all employees separately to deepen correct understanding of LGBTQ issues. We also provide training for new employees.

Training to understand LGBTQ issues

Holding of an LGBTQ workshop, a movie viewing session, and a talk session

For employees to deepen their understanding of LGBTQ issues, we hold a mini seminar on basic knowledge of LGBTQ, led by an external lecturer, and a movie viewing session to watch the LGBTQ-themed movies Kalanchoe no Hana and Boku ga Seibetsu “Zero” ni Modorutoki at all our business sites in Japan. We also hold a talk session, inviting an LGBTQ person as a guest, to exchange views on various topics related to LGBTQ issues.

LGBTQ workshop

Welcoming YouTuber Kazue-chan, an LGBTQ person

In August 2020, YouTuber Kazue-chan, an LGBTQ person who is engaged in raising awareness about LGBTQ issues, joined our company. Through Kazue-chan’s active participation in internal and external events, we promote understanding of LGBTQ issues among our employees and further accelerate the reform of our corporate culture.

Kazue-chan (on the left) and the Company's chairperson, Dr. Ando

Kazue-chan's LGBTQ 100 Ally Video viewing session

Online Salon by Kazue-chan

Become an ally!

The term “ally” refers to someone who expresses their understanding of LGBTQ people and actively supports them. Since declaring oneself as an ally sends a strong message of support to LGBTQ people, we have created merchandise that can be worn by those who have declared themselves an ally, or be attached to their belongings, so they can show that they are an ally.

Thus, we are working to raise awareness of efforts to express oneself as an ally. Currently, we define allies as comprehensive supporters of DEI promotion, not limited to supporters of LGBTQ people.
Click here      for more information about the DEI Ally Network.

Goods for visualizing allies

Installation of all-gender restrooms

We have installed an all-gender restroom, which anyone can use regardless of gender, at the Kyoto Head Office. We are gradually installing all-gender restrooms at other business sites of the Group. The all-gender restroom at the Kyoto Head Office has three restroom stalls, one of which is a multifunctional toilet that can be accessed by a wheelchair.

All-gender restrooms

From the company to society

Participation in Rainbow Pride events

We participate in Rainbow Pride events in areas where our domestic business sites are located (Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto, Kansai, and Kyushu) to introduce the Group’s LGBTQ-related initiatives by joining parades, displaying panels at an exhibition booth, and distributing pamphlets.

Participation in Rainbow Pride events

Implementation of on-site lectures at external organizations and delivering lessons at high schools/universities

We offer on-site lessons on LGBTQ issues for students and faculty at high schools and universities to provide an opportunity to exchange views among them. We also introduce the Group’s LGBTQ-related initiatives to companies and other organizations.

On-site lessons

Participation as a supporting member in the Kyoto City Citizen-wide “Kyoto where diverse sexualities are respected” Promotion Network

We aim to support all people, including sexual minorities such as LGBTQ people, throughout society and to create a diverse and inclusive society in which everyone can live comfortably anywhere, including schools, workplaces, and local communities. To this end, we agree with the purpose of this network, comprising sexual minority groups, companies, governments, and other organizations. We actively participate in the network as a supporting member. To create an environment in which diverse values are respected, we strive to collaborate not only internally but also externally.

Disseminating the thoughts of our Chairman Takao Ando (then President) on LGBTQ initiatives through web media and SNSs

With the aim of changing society, we widely disseminate our LGBTQ-related initiatives through interviews on web media and SNSs.

Kyoto Bar Association YouTube Channel (Japanese only)

Kazue-chan YouTube channel (Japanese only)

Promotion of employment and activities of persons with disabilities

As part of our corporate social responsibility and beyond, we strive to create a workplace where all employees can work together with their colleagues regardless of their disabilities. In order to achieve this goal, we will promote various initiatives and focus on building a support system for continued employment.

Disabled employment rate (including employees dispatched to Sanyo Chemical Group companies)

*Horizontally scrollable

FY 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Hired rate (%) 2.18 2.18 2.17 2.09 2.23
Number of persons employed (persons) 26 26 26 26 27
  • As of June 1, 2023, the disabled employment rate is 2.06%.

(As of June 1 of each fiscal year)

Training to promote understanding of persons with disabilities

To deepen understanding among executives and general affairs and personnel staff, we held a training session to promote understanding of the employment of employees with disabilities, inviting an external lecturer.

Training for executives to promote understanding of employment of persons with disabilities

Improvement of in-house equipment

We have installed multi-functional toilets and have upgraded entrance doors to automatic doors.


Office entrance and exit

Accessible toilet

Paralym Art®

Sanyo Chemical supports the independence of artists with disabilities as an official partner of Paralym Art, which is operated by the Shougaisha Jiritsu Suishin Kikou Association.

Support for continued employment

Together with external experts, we promote the establishment of systems that enable employees with disabilities and those working together with them to expand their career with peace of mind, including conducting regular interviews and establishing consultation services.

Promotion of senior empowerment

Through a re-employment system that allows employees to continue working after retirement, we expand opportunities for seniors to play an active role using their rich experience and knowledge, contributing to passing down their skills and developing their successors.

Re-employment of permanent retirees (including employees dispatched to Sanyo Chemical Group companies)

*Horizontally scrollable

FY 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Number of persons (persons) 24 27 14 20 20
Re-employment rate (%) 80 87 81 87 100

Promotion of employment of global talent

Diverse human resources from various cultures are essential for global business development. We are working to create an environment in which employees whose first language is not Japanese can play an active role (explanation of internal systems, policies, and personnel systems, translation of internal documents into English, support for visa procedures, etc.), and will actively promote the employment of global talent in the future.

Number of employees with non-Japanese nationality (including transfers to Sanyo Chemical Group companies)

*Horizontally scrollable

FY 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Number of people (persons) 18 17 12 13 12

Toward understanding of, and sympathy and action for DEI promotion

Implementation of a harassment prevention seminar

We conduct a seminar on power harassment, sexual harassment, SOGI harassment,* and basic knowledge of LGBTQ issues for all employees, inviting an external lecturer, so that they learn key points for preventing harassment, including judgment criteria and case examples of harassment. We also provide consultation services regarding harassment both inside and outside the company.

  • SOGI harassment: Harassment related to sexual orientation and gender identity

Formation of an internal DEI Ally Network

With the aim of promoting DEI promotion activities led by employees, we have formed the DEI Ally Network, which collaborates with volunteers from each region and the Diversity Promotion Department. At monthly regular meetings, we share objectives and information, exchange views, and consider DEI promotion activities tailored to each region to take specific action.

  • We define allies as comprehensive supporters in promoting DEI, not limited to supporters of LGBTQ people.

Establishment of a DEI portal site for employees

We have launched an internal DEI portal site, hoping that it will be the first step for each employee to take action. It is used to regularly disseminate and aggregate information on DEI promotion in the Group. In addition, it has contents that help both employees and the Diversity Promotion Department to deepen their understanding of DEI.


FY2022 results (total number of participants: 1,400 in total)

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Topic Name of education/training Subjects Instructors
DEI DEI Training (Development and Management of Diverse Employees) New management appointees Outside Experts
DEI Training & Harassment Prevention Training New employees Outside Experts
Online mini-course Unconscious Bias Directors and employees Diversity Promotion Department
Improving Teamwork for Better Work Performance Directors and employees Prominent eminent people
Empowerment of women Training programs open to external applicants "Empowerment for the 21st Century School of Empowerment for Women Female employees (mainly in leadership positions) Outside Experts
Women's Network Seminar, a training program open to internal applicants Female employees Outside Experts
Outside Directors Salon Female employees and managers Outside Director of the Company
“Career planning and childcare" support seminar for those returning to work after maternity leave Female employees and their internal and external partners and supervisors Outside Experts
Osaka University-style industry-academia co-creation education program Female employees (who are suitable for the program content) Outside Experts
Lecture by IkuBOSS (bosses) Directors and employees Outside Experts
Living Proactively in the 100-Year Life Era Directors and employees Advisor of another company
LGBTQ LGBTQ understanding training Directors and employees Diversity Promotion Department
People with disabilities Training for executives to promote understanding of employment of persons with disabilities Board members Outside Experts
Training for employees to promote understanding of employment of persons with disabilities District administration and human resources staff (open to all employees) Outside Experts
Online mini-lecture Color Universal Design Directors and employees Diversity Promotion Department

(Reference) Major training and lectures held before FY2021

*Horizontally scrollable

Item Name of education/training Subjects Instructors
DEI DEI Understanding Seminar Directors and Employees (Attendance required) External Experts
Empowerment of women IkuBOSS Keynote Speech for Executives Directors External Experts
LGBTQ LGBTQ understanding training Directors and Employees External Experts
Salon by LGBTQ people Directors and Employees Diversity Promotion Department
LGBTQ workshop, movie viewing & talk session Directors and Employees External Experts
People with disabilities Work-nursing care and work-treatment balance support seminar (basic) Directors and Employees External Experts
Work-nursing care and work-treatment balance support seminar (management) Executives and managers mostly External Experts
Lectures on home medical care and home care Directors and Employees External Experts
Harassment prevention seminar Executives & Managers (Attendance required) External Experts

External evaluation

Awarded the highest “Gold” rating in the PRIDE Index for the fifth consecutive year

We received the highest “Gold” rating in the PRIDE Index 2023 for the fifth consecutive year. The PRIDE Index was established by the voluntary organization “work with Pride.” By awarding companies that are making outstanding efforts to support LGBTQ people and disseminating specific LGBTQ-related measures to society, it aims to promote the creation of workplaces friendly to LGBTQ people and other sexual minorities and ensure that such workplaces become established in society.

Certified as a “Best Workplace,” the highest rank in the D&I AWARD for the second consecutive year

In the D&I AWARD 2023, a certification system that evaluates companies that lead in diversity and inclusion, we were certified as a “Best Workplace,” the highest rank in the award for the second consecutive year, for our active involvement in DEI initiatives. The D&I AWARD is organized by Job Rainbow Co., Ltd. In the award, four levels of certification are awarded according to the score given based on the evaluation of 100 items comprising five aspects: LGBTQ, the gender gap, disability, multicultural coexistence, and childcare/nursing care.

Awarded the 3-star “L-boshi” (the highest grade)

In March 2022, we received the 3-star “L-boshi” certification (the highest grade) from the Kyoto Labor Bureau. “L-boshi” is a system whereby the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare certifies companies that have developed and submitted action plans based on the Act on the Promotion of Women’s Active Engagement in Professional Life and have made excellent efforts to promote women’s empowerment. There are three levels of certification, and we received a 3-star certification because we met the criteria for all evaluation items.

Awarded Kurumin / Platinum Kurumin certification

In August 2017, we received Platinum Kurumin certification from the Kyoto Labor Bureau. Platinum Kurumin certification is awarded to companies that have conducted higher-level initiatives among companies that have received Kurumin certification from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as a “company that supports parenting.” In 2007, we were the first company in Kyoto Prefecture to receive Kurumin certification.