Sanyo Chemical Group implemented the “WakuWaku Explosion 2030” management policy in March 2022.

Based on the company mission since our foundation, “ Establish a better society through our corporate activities”, each and every employee has been working to create values toward becoming a “WakuWaku* company”, where everyone can shine, with the three pillars of “Contribution to carbon neutrality”, “Improvement of QOL“ and ” Improvement of job satisfaction” so that we can contribute to create sustainable societies.

On the other hand, in FY2022, negative factors such as China‘s lockdown due to COVID-19, soar of energy prices due to the turmoil in Ukraine, automobile production cutbacks due to semiconductor shortages, sharp yen depreciation, and other global environmental changes have had significant impacts on our business operations.

In order to realize the ideal status envisioned in our management policy, we have formulated a new medium-term management plan, a three-year plan in which we describe a roadmap and specific initiatives.  Guided by this new medium-term management plan, Sanyo group as one team will pay efforts to enhance our values through entire supply chain and accelerate the creation of new values through innovation through the power of chemistry beyond the boundaries of chemistry.


*”WakuWaku” is the Japanese word which express positive, bright, uplifting feeling inspired by inner motivations and/or own wills.








Management Policy Toward the 2030 Vision “WakuWaku Explosion 2030”


We have changed our slogan “ KAERU (committed to change)” to “WakuWaku” and also put our passion for sustainable growth into the word “Explosion.”

Together with “WakuWaku” and “Explosion,” we have defined a new Mission, Values, and Vision.






In our management policy, the Mission (company mission) includes “better society,” which refers to the environment-friendly circular-oriented society, a society where people can live healthy and safely and where everyone can shine with their personality. With these goals in mind, we will work together and strive to achieve them.

As for the Vision, while we retain the idea of the 10th mid-term management plan, we specified action principles “We create innovations beyond the boundaries of chemistry, by the inspirations of our diversified employees, the cooperation of our company and all our stakeholders, and the implementation of rapid and continuous challenges” and “Co-create the environmental and social value and economical value” to deliver “Enhanced Corporate Value.”


Transformation Toward the Vision

We have designed the 2024 vision, one of the milestones toward the 2030 vision. The company’s business activities have been re-organized and divided into 3 categories of “New Growth Path”, “Growth from Core Business”, and “Reformation of Existing Business”. We will re-build and reinforce the business portfolio under the policy of these categories.




Activities to Support the Transformation

Under the idea “Every employee in various situations plays a leading role,” which includes employees of our overseas sites and production sites as well as the headquarter sector, we are determined to spotlight everyone so that every employee can shine and experience a sense of accomplishment. We have made a slogan “Every department is a profit center” which expresses the idea.

We believe that being a company that makes every employee WakuWaku is a key activity that supports the transformation toward the vision.

Specifically, we have defined action plans for corporate reform such as production site reform, corporate function strategy to generate profit, DEI (diversity, equity & inclusion), workplace reform, and the use of DX.






Sustainability Initiatives

As the sustainability initiatives, we will further enhance the activities that we have engaged in and strive to achieve the Vision from a sustainability perspective.




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Basic Policies of the New Medium-Term Management Plan 2025

Business Strategy (FY2023-FY2025)

1. Growth from Core Business

We will position five focus product groups that contribute to carbon neutrality (CN) and QOL (quality of life) as “high value-added products category” and accelerate research and development as well as capital investment in these products category in order to generate earnings.


2. Reformation of Existing Business

We will improve profitability by transforming business process throughout the supply chain and implementing structural reforms in the polyurethane and superabsorbent polymer (SAP) businesses.


3. Global Deployment

We will expand facilities in overseas plants and strengthen functions of overseas sales offices.


 Toward the Future Beyond 2025

1. New Growth Path

We will focus our resources on growing area where we can contribute to carbon neutrality and improvement of QOL. We will reinforce innovative actions including opportunities on strategic alliances and M&A.


2. Solutions to Social Issues

We aim to pursue significant reduction of CO2 emission by Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU). We will proactively address human rights issues in the supply chain.


3.Initiatives to Support Growth

We will promote the human resources development and work environment improvement. We will manage with safety and quality as our top priority and promote transparent management.


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All the contents in this document are forecasts based on the available information at the time of publication (as of May 12th, 2023) and may be different from actual measures and performance due to various factors.