With Society

– Social contribution and communications –

As a good corporate citizen, we will give cooperation and support to the local community, NPOs, and NGOs.

We will also continuously support the promotion of science and technology, art, culture, education, welfare, and other topics.


Policy for social contribution activities

As a good corporate citizen, we will contribute to the realization of an enriched society and sustained development.


Our efforts
By joining forces with a wide cross-section of society and effectively using available resources, we will proactively engage in social contribution activities toward the development of human resources who will lead the next generation and provide solutions to social issues.


Response to the needs of countries/regions

By sharing the philosophy of social contribution activities within the group and coordinating with the group bases in countries and regions, we will develop social contribution activities in accordance with the circumstances surrounding the individual countries and regions.


Information disclosure

By disclosing the information on the result of social contribution activities and openly sharing it with society, we will contribute to the realization of an enriched society and sustained development.




With local community

Sanyo Chemical Forest creation activity

In agreement with the purpose of the Kyoto Model Forest Initiative (efforts made by Kyoto Prefecture to protect and nurture the forests in Kyoto together with Kyoto citizens who have been receiving the blessings of the forests), we have been conducting the Sanyo Chemical Woodland project around three times a year in Wazuka Town, Sagara-gun, Kyoto Prefecture since FY2009.

In addition, we provide funding to the forest management fund of the Kyoto Model Forest Association to give support to the forest development project (thinning, etc.) in Wazuka Town. We also participate in the Chagenkyo Festival, an event in Wazuka Town, by setting up our booth.


  • New employee training
  • Our booth at the Chagenkyo Festival


With local schools

At each district where our office is based, we cooperate in youth development through dispatched chemistry lessons at elementary schools, provision of the venue for practical lessons for junior high schools, seminar on careers at a senior high school, and other activities.

In dispatched lessons at schools, young employees from our laboratory and factories serve as instructors.



  • Dispatched lesson at elementary school (Kyoto City)
  • Practical lesson at Kyoto Prefectural Nanyo Junior High School
  • Seminar on careers at a senior high school (Kyoto City)




With universities and organizations

We provide cooperation in the acceptance of overseas students (two students from Germany in fiscal 2019), corporate training implemented by the university, training of corporate organization, and other activities.




With mass media

In addition to newspaper coverage and the release of technical information and IR information, three TV programs introduced us in fiscal 2019.




As social activities

We agree with and proactively participate in the promotion of female advancement and LGBT-related efforts.




  • WORK & WOMEN IN INNOVATION SUMMIT (WIT) session meeting – Future forum for female students
  • Nikkei Womenomics Forum
  • Tokyo Rainbow Pride



Donation/support activities

In accordance with our donation standard based on our social contribution activities policy, we donated to a nature protection fund, the chemistry-related human development program, and other organizations.
We made a donation to support the areas stricken by Typhoon No. 19 in the autumn of 2019.
In addition, offices at home and abroad independently donated and gave support.

We donated a blue crime-prevention patrol car to the Higashiyama Crime Prevention Council in the neighborhood of our headquarters.




Establishment of Sanyo Chemical Foundation for Social Contribution

Following the 70th anniversary of our establishment, we established the Sanyo Chemical Foundation for Social Contributions in September 2019 aiming at supporting social contributions in human resource development centering around chemistry, environment preservation, art, and culture. To make long-term and continuous contributions to society, the foundation mainly operates the following programs.