Ecologically friendly products

In the product commercialization process, we assess the degree of environmental consideration given in each of the design, development, raw material procurement, manufacturing, physical distribution, use, consumption and disposal stages of the product lifecycle and then convert the assessment into a score on the check sheet.


We assess the product concept, use of renewable raw materials, and contribution to the environment at the product use stage, define products with a certain score or higher as ecologically friendly products, and set the increase in the rate of ecologically friendly products as a management indicator.


The rate of ecologically friendly products in fiscal 2020 was 29.9% on a sales basis.



Volume of contribution of product to CO2 reduction

To visualize the contribution that our products make in reducing greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions, we have formulated and implemented a calculation standard for it.


The purpose of this standard is to quantify how much CO2 emissions can be reduced in the use, consumption, and disposal stages by saving energy and resources with our products in comparison with widely marketed products (conventional products). Among the products that contribute to reduction of environmental load listed in the following table, this standard is applied only to our products whose contribution is apparent and can be quantified.


We have been operating the standard since fiscal 2012 and have calculated the single-year contribution quantity in fiscal 2020 to be 0.47 million tons and the cumulative contribution amount with consideration given to the lifecycle to be 4.71 million tons.




Products that contribute to reduction of environmental load

By offering performance chemical products that meet environmental needs, we are contributing to the realization of a sustainable society.



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