Development of Chemical Board Suitable for Large-scale Modeling Reduced Rate of Moisture Expansion – Industry’s Lowest Level Ever

  • 2013/06/21 Announcements

Sanyo Chemical has developed a new series of SANMODUR polyurethane chemical board featuring increased dimensional stability, ideal for use as a material for making models and molds for design development involving automobiles and aircraft.
Chemical boards are used as material for creating models and checking jigs, given its superior dimensional stability, its light weight and processability in comparison to woods. Conventional chemical boards, however, absorb moisture gradually over a 5 to 10 year time frame. This causes errors in measurement that become more significant with larger model sizes, such as large-scale models for automobiles and aircraft.
In that regard, our new SANMODUR polyurethane chemical board draws on proprietary composition design technology of Sanyo Chemical in successfully reducing moisture expansion to 0.06% or less under severe environmental conditions using our original testing methods. This is less than one-quarter that of a conventional chemical board.
Our new SANMODUR polyurethane chemical board offers lower rates of moisture expansion and increased dimensional stability, while maintaining other performance features of conventional boards such as processability, superior mechanical strength and antistatic properties. These attributes make this chemical board suitable for either large-scale or small-scale applications. The board is also better suited for applications requiring that items be sent by air or sea, and in humid environments such as Southeast Asia where operations of the automobile industry are concentrated.