Sanyo Kasei (Thailand) Ltd. Opened its New Technical Center in Rayong factory

  • 2014/07/31 News

The Rayong factory (Rayong, Thailand) of Sanyo Kasei (Thailand) Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary of Sanyo Chemical, opened its new technical center.
Sanyo Kasei (Thailand) Ltd. manufactures and sells surfactants, agents for papermaking, resins for paint and ink, raw materials for polyurethane foam used in automobile seat cushions and agents for textiles.
While the company has provided technical services utilizing a small space in the plant, it newly opened the technical center in order to quickly respond to increasingly diversified and sophisticated customer needs. Broad technical services will be effectively provided in the Thai domestic market.
The new technical center is a facility of approximately 300 m2 that includes space for product inspection and evaluation, a sample and reagent warehouse and a clean room. The clean room is capable of creating laboratory samples of cleaning agents used in the manufacturing of electronic parts such as hard disks. Sanyo Kasei (Thailand) Ltd. is committed to the further enhancement of its evaluation system and the improvement of its technical services.