Sanyo Chemical to Increase Production of High-performance Polyurethane Skin Material in Automobile Interiors; Polyurethane beads for thin skin material that help improve automotive fuel efficiency and conserve energy during manufacturing

  • 2014/12/18 News

Sanyo Chemical (head office: Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto City; president: Takao Ando) will increase production of a new product of polyurethane beads, THERPUS F at its Nagoya Factory and its U.S. subsidiary Sanyo Chemical Texas Industries, LLC (head office: Texas, USA; “SCTI”).  THERPUS F is polyurethane beads for powder slush molding that are used as a skin material in automobile interiors including in instrument panels.

The new product meets the need in the auto industry for lower environmental impact. It provides better fuel efficiency by a thinner skin for automobile interiors and energy conservation by a lower mold temperature at time of molding. So it is well-received.  To meet this increasing demand, Sanyo Chemical strengthen its production system by remodeling existing equipment.

Currently, the combined total output of polyurethane beads by Nagoya Factory and SCTI is 8,000 tons per year, of which 600 tons is production capacity of THERPUS F.  Sanyo Chemical plans to remodeling existing equipment partly and to increase output to 30,000 tons per year, with the new facilities to begin operation at Nagoya Factory in October 2015 and at SCTI in January 2016.