Exhibition information -NPE 2018 (Plastic Show in USA)

  • 2018/04/26 News

May 7 to 11, Orlando, USA – Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd. will be exhibiting at the world’s leading plastics trade event: NPE 2018 (The Plastics Show). We will introduce the permanent antistatic agents; “PELESTAT” and “PELECTRON” products, and high performance resin modifiers for polyolefins; “UMEX” products.
NPE2018 is one of the world’s three largest tradeshow to be held every three year where the future of plastics unfolds with materials and emerging technologies


NPE 2018 (The Plastics Show)
(NPE:National Plastics Exhibition)


May 7-11th (Mon.-Fri.), 2018


Orange County Convention Center Orlando, Florida)
Booth: South Hall Level 1 – Expo Hall – S26197


【Products Features】
Permanent Antistatic Agents- PELESTAT products
PELESTAT impart a long-lasting antistatic property to plastics without compromising the physical properties and moldability of the plastics. They are effective to prevent dust.


Low Resistivity type Permanent Antistatic Agents-PELECTRON products
PELECTRON offer better antistatic property and even lower surface resistivity while maintaining the features of PELESTAT. PELECTRON is used in electronics field that requiring to prevent the malfunction of electronic components because of their high-performance antistatic effect.


Resin Modifiers for polyolefin resins-UMEX products
UMEX is resin modifiers for polyolefin to improve the dispersibility of fillers (e.g. fiberglass, carbon fiber and wood floor) and compatibility with high-polar resins (e.g. nylon, etc.) in polyolefin.