Expansion of Lineup of Diagnostic Reagent Kits for Hepatocellular Carcinoma

  • 2013/03/25 News

Sanyo Chemical developed the SphereLight series of diagnostic reagent kits in 1998. These kits use our original chemiluminescent enzyme immunoassay to achieve highly sensitive measurements. Subsequently, we have expanded its lineup of diagnostic reagent kits such as tumor markers.
As a part of the lineup expansion, we have added SphereLight PIVKA-II, which is useful for the screening of hepatocellular carcinoma. Combining measurement using this new product with measurement using SphereLight AFP, which is the existing Sanyo Chemical diagnostic reagent kit for hepatocellular carcinoma, and measurement using the hepatitis virus marker kit SphereLight HCV Antibody further increases the precision of tests for the likelihood of hepatocellular carcinoma morbidity.
The SphereLight series applies the antigen-antibody reaction (immunoreaction) and the enzyme-based chemiluminescent reaction. In addition, the amount of chemiluminescence is augmented using the enhancer (chemiluminescent reaction augmenting agent) originally developed by Sanyo Chemical. Therefore, the SphereLight series realizes top class highly sensitive measurements and quick measurements as diagnostic reagents. Other features are that the kits are easy to use and there is little waste of the measuring reagents.
Going forward Sanyo Chemical will continue advancing development aimed at expanding the lineup of SphereLight products so that the kits can be used to measure a wide variety of items that are necessary in many medical institutions.