San-Apro Ltd. Develops a Non-Antimony Based Thermal-Latent Initiator for Cationic Polymerization

  • 2013/02/07 News

San-Apro Ltd., a subsidiary of SANYO CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES, LTD., has developed a new high-performance phosphorus-type thermal-latent initiator for cationic polymerization. Thermal-latent initiators for cationic polymerization are used when manufacturing epoxy resins, etc. This new initiator does not contain antimony, which is a heavy metal, and is offered in four grades. The newly-developed products are expected to have applications for adhesives and others particularly in electric/electronic materials in which components are undergoing further miniaturization and becoming more complex in their shapes, and optical devices.
These newly-developed products are non-antimony based but they are also capable of the same curing performance as antimony based products. Furthermore, they have high solubility in cationic polymerizable monomers such as epoxides, oxetanes and vinyl ethers, etc., and solvents. In addition they have outstanding storage stability of mixtures. The initiation temperature of polymerization is offered in four grades: 60°C, 100°C 120°C and 160°C. By using them alone or in combination use with other thermal-latent initiators for cationic polymerization or photo-acid generators, they can be used in thermosetting materials for diverse applications.