Development of materials for seat cushions with greater ride comfort -Reduces 6 Hz vibration which makes people feel uncomfortable Potential to contribute on realizing mobile workstations in fully automated vehicles-

  • 2019/05/22 News

Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd. (Head office: Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto City; President: Takao Ando) has announced that it has developed a material for automobile seat cushions, “SANNIX KC-737” which can improve ride comfort.
“SANNIX KC-737” is a polyol successfully developed by our own manufacturing process. The seat cushion made of urethane foam using “SANNIX KC-737” can especially reduce the vibration around 6 Hz, which is known to generate occupants’ sensation of discomfort. In addition, the seat cushion can provide adequate body support and minimize deflection even in sitting for long time. Thus it can support to keep posture and realize tireless and comfortable driving. It is said that inside a car will become a space of a mobile workstation enabling occupant to perform other tasks besides driving in the future, after vehicle changed in fully automated. We expect “SANNIX KC-737” will contribute to realize it.