Developed New Defoamer for Aqueous Pressure Sensitive Adhesive with Excellent Antifoaming and Anti-cratering Properties – Contribute to the improvement of adhesive tape productivity resulting in responding to the vigorous demand for packaging materials –

  • 2019/06/14 News

San Nopco Limited (HQ: Kyoto, Japan, President: Hiroyuki Tsuruta), a wholly owned subsidiary of Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd., (HQ: Kyoto, Japan, President: Takao Ando) has developed a defoamer (anti-foaming agent); NOPTAM 3590, which exhibits a superior defoaming property in the coating process of aqueous adhesives within the manufacturing process of pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tape such as OPP * tape.
NOPTAM 3590 is excellent in defoaming property, and also it suppresses cratering during application and drying of adhesives. It is suitable for high-speed coating of adhesive because it hardly foams, and contributes to the improvement of adhesive tape productivity.