Exhibition information – in-cosmetics Asia 2019, Bangkok

  • 2019/09/30 Announcements

November 5 to November 7, Bangkok, Thailand. – Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd. and its overseas subsidiary Sanyo Kasei (Thailand) Ltd. will be exhibiting at Asian largest personal care raw materials and ingredients: “in-cosmetics Asia 2019”. We will introduce our high performance skin-friendly cosmetic surfactants for hair and body care products; BEAULIGHT and LEBON products to provide excellent foaming and low irritation to skin. We also introduce SANFRESH and SALANJUL products which are water-soluble thickeners useful for skin care, sun care and makeup products, etc. In addition, we will introduce the newly developed products with excellent features. Please be sure to stop by our booth.



in-cosmetics Asia 2019



November 5 -November 7 (Tue.-Thu.)



Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC) (Bangkok, Thailand)

Hall 101-103

Booth : V34


【Exhibition Products】


BEAULIGHT LCA-25N is an anionic detergent base excels in rapidly foaming property with low irritation and mild to skin. Hair care shampoo, body soap and face washes using BEAULIGHT LCA-25N produce fine foam to give a pleasant feel to skin.



LEBON CIB is an amphoteric surfactant having excellent irritation-relieving effect. It works as an excellent foaming aid when used in combination with anionic surfactants. It is compatible with various anionic surfactants and provides gentle and good finish of washing.



They are water-soluble thickeners that provide a smooth feeling and comfortable touch to skin. They are useful in a broad range of formulations for skin care, sun care, and makeup.


• ALPHAPUR HSG (under development)

ALPHAPUR HSG is a nonionic surfactants having especially excellent α-gel forming ability in various formulations.

•COFLEXYL MM-10 (under development)

COFLRXYL MM-10 is an urethane film-forming agents for various eye makeups providing flexible, fine and beautiful line.


•COASILKY SSP-10 (under development)

COASILKY SSP-10 is a conditioning polymer enables to impart surprising silky feel to hair even without silicone.