Innovative surgical urethane sealant; Hydrofit® (overseas brand name: AQUABRID®) made a good start of overseas expansion.

  • 2020/03/12 Announcements

The new surgical sealant; MATSUDAITO (Japanese brand name: Hydrofit®, overseas brand name: AQUABRID®) especially developed for aortic procedures, made a good start of overseas expansion. Hydrofit® is a product developed and manufactured by Sanyo Chemical, and has been distributed by Terumo Corporation, which is a market player of medical devices. After obtaining certification of CE marking last July, Terumo Europe NV (Leuven, Belgium) has started distributing since last October. First clinical uses of AQUABRID® have taken place in Germany and Turkey with excellent outcomes.

We will accelerate its distribution in corporation with Terumo Europe NV to EU, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa*1, *2.


AQUABRID® is non-bio-derived hemostatic material indicated for use as an adjunct to standard methods of cardiovascular surgical repair to seal (such as sutures, staples, electrocautery, and/or patches) related to aorta surgery.  Sanyo Chemical received an approval of production and marketing for Hydrofit® in 2014, and has rapidly gained market share due to its unique properties in Japan. AQUABRID® is classified as highest risk devices which are subject to most stringent scrutiny, and such high class medical device originally developed in Japan is rarely obtained CE marking*3. Through the distribution of AQUABRID®, Sanyo Chemical expects the success of the distribution of AQUABRID® could in any way help to improve the presence as the medical devices originally developed in Japan, and enables us to contribute to healthy lives of people around the world.



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