The new sound logo for Sanyo Chemical has been released!

The sound logo playing during the KBS Kyoto Radio program, “Sound Han Hankei 500m,” is actually the short version of the track! Give a listen to the extended version as well when you get the chance!

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short version


Sanyo Chemical
We need it
It’s interesting coz they
make everything better
with excitement and surprise
We all will be wonderful
This is it, Sanyo Chemical
Better life in your age
Better future in this world
Better days will be in your hands
All of this will be brought to you by
Sanyo Chemical

Our commercial was also broadcast on TV Osaka!

short version




Cheminy changes the world (our way of living).
Can make chicks that couldn’t fly go up to the sky and makes the impossible possible.
Healthier, cleaner, eco-friendlier…
Sanyo Chemical Industries will change the world beyond its level of expertise.