Management year Development of New Products
Establishment under the name of Sanyo Oil & Fat Industrial Co., Ltd. ’49
Kawasaki Factory, now San Chemical, began operations. ’60 SANNIX base material for polyurethane foam, and PEG polyethylene glycol developed.
Corporate name changed to ’63  ACLUBE lubricant additives developed.
Sanyo Chemical Industries.
Nagoya Factory began operations. ’68
Stock listed on the Second Section of Osaka Stock Exchange.
’69 SANFLOC polymer flocculant developed.
’72 HIMER toner resin developed.
Kashima Factory began operations. ’76
San-Petrochemicals Co., Ltd., established. ’77 SANWET superabsorbent polymer developed.
Stock listed on the First Section of Tokyo and Osaka Stock Exchange ’78 EIA diagnostic reagent developed.
San Chemical Co., Ltd., established. ’82 CARRYOL cold flow improver for fuel oil developed.
’86 SANELEK electrolyte for aluminum electrolytic capacitors, and SANMODUR chemical board developed.
SANAM Corporation., established. ’89
Hercules-Sanyo Inc., now Sanyo Chemical & Resins, LLC, established. ’92 UCOAT polyurethane emulsion developed.
No.2 Research Laboratory built.
’94 PELESTAT permanent antistatic agent for thermoplastic resins developed.
Sanyo Kasei (Thailand) Ltd., established. ’97
Our Nagoya, Kyoto, and Kashima factories had obtained ISO9001 certification. Kinuura Satellite Factory, now Kinuura Factory, began operations. ’99 POWERELEK electrolyte for electric double-layer capacitor developed.
’00 THERPUS polyurethane bead resin, and NAROACTY nonionic surfactant derived from higher alcohol developed.
San-Dia Polymers, Ltd., now SDP Global Co., Ltd. established. ’01
Our Nagoya, Kyoto, and Kashima factories  had obtained ISO14001 certification.
’02 ULTIFLOW, EXCELFLOW, and PRIMEPOL base materials for polyurethane foam developed.
Sanyo Kasei (Nantong) Co., Ltd., established. ’03 APEXNARROW polyester beads (intermediates for polymerization toners) developed.
Added Sunrise Chemical LLC, to affiliate.Code of Corporate Ethics enacted.
’04 Super Slurry agent for slurry excavation developed.
Sanyo Chemical Texas, Inc. now Sanyo Chemical Texas Industries, LLC, established. ’05 EIA diagnostic reagent for small cell lung cancer developed.
’06 LAUROMACROGOL 100 medical drug, exclusively used in manufacturing developed.
SANYO CHEMICAL (SHANGHAI) TRADING CO., LTD., ’07 HISTAT SK cutting fluid for silicon ingots developed.
established. CHEMICLEAN PR cleaning agent for use in hard disk manufacturing process developed.
Katsura Research Laboratory began operations. Sanyo Kasei Korea, Ltd., established. ’08 SphereLight proBNP clinical reagent for diagnosis of heart failure developed.
’09 SHARPFLOW raw material for polyurethane foam developed.
Kinuura Factory AOA production line began operations. ’10 PELECTRON permanent antistatic agent for thermoplastic resins developed. SANWET SG superabsorbent polymer developed.
Sanyo Kasei (Taiwan), Ltd., established.
’11 Approved as medical device business operator for the first time.
Safety Education Center opened within the Nagoya Factory premises. ’12 New manufacturing process for base materials for polyurethane foams developed.
’14 Surgical hemostatic agent launched as our first-ever medical device in Japan.
SDP GLOBAL (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. established. ’15 Magrapid magnetic particle for EIA diagnostic reagents developed.
SDP GlOBAL (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. began construction of its factory. ’16 CALPROTECTIN MOCHIDA got Japan’s first approval as in-vitro diagnostic agent for Ulcerative Colitis.
GC Polyols Co., Ltd. began construction of its factory. ’17 EMULMIN CS liquid laundry detergent base developed.
SDP GLOBAL (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. began operations. ’18