In Plastics, we market a broad range of value-added products for plastics used in many everyday applications. In recent years, we have focused on permanent antistatic agents that prevent malfunctions in electronic components and keep dust out of plastics. Leveraging their long-lasting effectiveness, we have expanded their applications.

In Textiles, a business that dates right back to the beginnings of the Sanyo Chemical Group, the principal products we handle are spin finishes and modifiers used in manufacturing processes for synthetic fibers. As well as contributing to higher value-added features in textiles, these products are increasingly used in agents used in textile manufacturing processes for industrial materials, including production of airbag yarns and seat belts for automobiles and carbon fibers.

FY2019 Business Performance


In the Plastics segment, while sales of paint coating agents and additives were strong, sales of our mainstay permanent antistatic agents and resin modifiers did not increase. As a result, sales in the Plastics segment were flat.
The Textiles segment experienced a large-scale decline in sales, as polyurethane resins for synthetic leather and elastomer fiber and the spin finish oil used in the manufacturing process of tire cord yarns and other items experienced a downturn due to reasons such as the impact of the issue between the US and China of export tariffs on exports to China, despite increased sales of chemicals for carbon fibers due to an increase in demand.
As a result, total net sales in this segment decreased by 3.2% year on year, to ¥21,453 million. Operating profit was ¥3,003 million (a decrease of 11.4% year on year).