In Information, we market polyester beads (PEBs) used as a core component of polymerization toners, along with pulverized toner resins for copiers and printers.

In Electrics/Electronics, we market electrolytes for aluminum electrolytic capacitors used for home appliances, personal computers and electrical components for automobiles, pressure-sensitive adhesives using for electronic components, as well as agents for use in hard disk manufacturing processes.

FY2019 Business Performance


In the Information segment, sales were weak due to decreased sales of polyester beads as a core component of polymerization toners due to users’ inventory adjustments, despite flat sales of toner resins for pulverized toners.
In the Electrics/Electronics segment, sales were weak due to weak sales of electrolytes for aluminum electrolytic capacitors, despite brisk sales of adhesives for electronic parts.
As a result, total net sales in this segment decreased by 7.8% year on year, to ¥20,985 million. Operating profit was ¥2,937 million (a decrease of 26.6% year on year).