Company Mission

Establish a better society through our corporate activities

To achieve this purpose, we will endeavor to promote the followings:

  • We believe that the company is an organic entity of capital, management, and labor harmoniously linked together. Keeping this in mind, we will strive to achieve dynamic growth.
  • Trusting that our inventive power has no limits, we will ceaselessly try to develop new business areas and supply original and high-quality products to the market.
  • We believe that perpetual profits come only from the creation of value, and we do not seek superficial profits.
  • We will fulfill the customers’ expectation and earn their trust by providing high-quality cost-effective products and superior technical service.
  • When all the members of the company share the same vision for the company’s future and challenge for innovation on our own initiative, we will be rewarded with an abundant profit. This profit will then be fairly distributed among internal reserves, shareholders, management and employees.
  • We will strive for perfection in safety and harmony with the environment, which is the first required mission in the society.