Research and Development at Sanyo Chemical

Turning “Something More” into Better Products in Better Forms

Cleaner, Safer and Better for the Environment
Societies and industries have evolved and developed thanks to people who were constantly looking for something more.
At Sanyo Chemicals, we transform this desire for “something more” into the performance chemicals we deliver to the world. Moving forward, we will continue to create better products in better forms as part of our ongoing pursuit for something more.

About Performance Chemicals

Performance chemicals are chemical products assessed not for their composition but for their functionality and performance; namely, the way in which they act. In a sense, they are “working” chemical products.
These chemicals are widely used and deeply integrated into all aspects of society, supporting day-to-day life and numerous industrial fields around the globe.
As our needs become increasingly more sophisticated and refined, and the demand for products that are safe for both people and the environment grows, the role performance chemicals play in our world will only continue to expand in importance.

Planting the seeds to quickly respond to our customers’ various needs

The NeeSeeds-Oriented approach is one special feature of Sanyo Chemical’s research and development (R&D). The term is a combination of needs-oriented R&D and seeds-oriented R&D, and is original to Sanyo Chemical. With this approach, a technique developed to meet a certain need is combined with another technique to create another new seed technology for new products.

Our R&D department focuses on the needs of our customers and works to integrate different technologies, creating seeds of opportunity to supply original products for the ever-changing needs of the market. Taking a NeeSeeds-Oriented approach to our R&D, we update the life cycles of existing products, transform existing processes and expand into new fields. In recent explorations of new business ventures in the energy, electronics and biomedical fields, we have placed special focus on this approach and believe that one new idea is a first step to new achievements. Sanyo Chemical will continue to develop products that meet the current needs of our world.


Aggressive R&D Investment and R&D System that Promotes Innovation

We are aggressively investing in R&D, and a「e simultaneously creating an innovative R&D system that will enable a swift response to diversifying customer needs, and will strengthen capabilities for generating proprietary technologies. We a「e also wo「king on the systematic development of a series of innovative new products. Ne arly 30% of our employees are involved in research and development activities, and every year we invest an amount equivalent to approximately 5% of annual sales in R&D. Our systems, such as the Research Unit (RU) System and the Personal Challenge for Research System, allow 「esearchers to play an active role. In addition, we implement Sanyo Chemical Stage Gate Process to launch new products to the markets effectively and fast.